the treasure trove

At Goodwill yesterday i found a teacup and a lovely ornate box labeled exotic teas. A perfect match? Yes. Perfect for storing my sentimental goodies? Yes.
Inside of the box are paint chips of my favorite colours (mint green, a blush rose, plum, etc.), a small russian box (upper right hand corner), a vintage key (lower left hand corner), my international coins (mostly euros, all in the little silk bag), my money in bills, a fantastic handmade birthday from one of my best friends, J-Lo (Madeleine Jordan-Lord; it's under all of the other things, sorry babe), a fruity tea-bag in lieu of potpourri,  and a teacup full of my favorite little trinkets. 
Inside of the teacup are a peacock feather, two crystals, some sea glass, some coral, a vintage paisley hairpin, and a vintage earring.

Isn't it all divine? I'm going to call it my 'happy box'.



  1. lovely snapshots :)



  2. that's all gorgeous, i'm terribly jealous! definitely do another post once you've popped some more beauties in it :)

    Jess xx

  3. That is such a beautiful box, such a great find (: I'd love something like that for keepsakes and other special momentos, I'm a really sentimental person aha. xx

  4. This is gorgeous, I've been wanting a box like this to store my teabags (I swap them from all over the world) and this would be perfect, so jealous. I'll have to keep looking.

  5. i'm jealous. you always find the best stuff. gosh.

  6. Aww thanks that's so sweet. My friends think I'm weird collecting teabags, but I love my tea and the wonderful different flavours :)

  7. love the photography here. gorgeous images.

    thought you'd be interested in my 100-piece elf makeup palette, black crackle polish and Ulta cosmetics giveaway!


  8. Kat,

    I need you to email your outfit asap! Only change in plans--could you email the one you were originally planning on sending over, as well as a few past outfits, such as your Rosie the Riveter outfit, etc, and a short description of your style and what the magazine/feminism means to you / your style inspiration? Thanks SO much. I owe you big time. Any time within the next 24 hours would be golden.


  9. love it! super cool :)


  10. Love this! I also have a "happy box" its got some buttons and photographs and random bits in it. I love that you have one as well. Do let us know if you find more treasures to put in it! x


  11. That is so pretty! I want a little treasure chest for all my acsessories :D



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