november street style

i'm a little late in relaying this (more than a week late), but a fashion site based in richmond, from the runway to rva, has a monthly street-style post - headed by leney - and i just so happen to be on it from the fashion show! made me feel pretty cool. my friends lucy and jack are both in it too, we're a pretty stylin' bunch if i do say so myself.

i'm wearing that sea of bees necklace, an american eagle shirt (old), and h&m pants and shoes.




work it

be warned that the photo quality in this post is just desparageable.
so wednesday night I had the pleasure of attending a (free!) fashion event at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. they have run some garment construction workshops, and this was similar to a graduate collection - one piece per designer, forty designers, all teenage. one of the designers was my friend Dylan, so naturally I had to go. that, and that fashion events are so rare in Richmond you simply must attend one whenever presented with the opportunity, right? They turned the atrium of the museum into a catwalk.

in a Project Runway fashion, the budding designers were presented with a room full of supplies, mostly reclaimed/recycled. then they chose a piece in the museum to serve as the inspiration for their design. some pieces I thoroughly enjoyed. many others I thought were much too literal in terms of translating from the art to the garment.

anywho, some highlights:
my personal favorite

the necklace is made of cut and spray painted popsicle sticks, the dress is straw and grommets, and she's wearing litas. swoon. i was thrilled/sad to see the litas. they're the first I've seen in Richmond besides mine own. I love that someone has them, but now I don't feel special anymore.

and this is my friend dylan's! I love it. the pants are cut venetian blinds painted copper. the bodice is wire mesh and thick wire. isn't he fabulous?

i went with Carson, saw a few friends, and i even met a few nice people - fellow bloggers Austin Prime and Leney. Austin's boyfriend made my favorite dress, the first one, and Austin works for almost all of the major radio stations here in Richmond as a dj and he's only 18. pretty impressive. I only met Leney in passing but she has a lovely blog, you should go check it out. she also is a street style photographer for from the runway to rva. i do my research. all in all it was a good show, though out of forty i really only loved three... less than 10%. ouch. but i learned something from that night...

..i really need a new camera.