winter wallflower

coat - anne klein; shoes - dollhouse; gloves - gift (vintage); scarf - american apparel; dress (not shown) - thrifted

this is my winter uniform. well, at least as close to one as i have. although it is not very cold here, in the 50s and 60s most days. however, i'm absolutely in love with this coat, so even though it is a little heavy, i wear it nonstop. it is so classic. and i am a firm believer in the school of thought that says nothing is better for winter than bright colors!  these gloves always give me a little happiness boost.


 these are the first 'outfit' pictures i have taken with my new baby. aren't they a nice change from the iphone photos of yesterday?


a day downtown

 yesterday carson and i spent a lovely day downtown. naturally, i brought the new camera, and documented our walk through main street and monument avenue, two of the prettiest streets in richmond. did you know richmond has one of the highest concentrations of victorian architecture in the united states? more often than not, they're very colorful, too.