rosa and carlotta

Well i always enter numerous giveaways, as you may know, and this week i just so happened to win one. Me, out of 790 readers.. And i must say it's one of my favorite things ever:

...It's me! In cartoon/portrait/whatever it's called form! i think they gave me a gratuitous few feet in height, some very nice angles in my jawline, and some actual feet (missing in the original) but hey, nothing wrong with that. 

 The lovely ladies Rosa and Carlotta at Illustrated Moodboard (another daily read of mine, believe it or not) always have these weekly giveaways where a random commenter is chosen and then they draw him/her! I won for week #17. I'm still a little dumbstruck. I feel like i've featured them before but i'm much too lazy to dig around old posts. So here's an impromptu 'few to follow' and some more of their work: 
Chloe S/S '11 which is spot on.

Thank you, ladies! I do believe i will put it in my sidebar..


I know i've been M.I.A. yet again, but believe it or not i had a post planned for last friday and a post for tomorrow. Friday's won't happen until i'm all better - dreadfully sick at the moment - but tomorrow's will continue on as planned. Especially since i think i will be missing school. I'd rejoice but i just feel so... awful
ta-ta for now.

ALSO: don't forget it's your last night to enter the layout giveaway. And you have to follow and comment on the original post with your email.


  1. haha, thought you were my other blogger friend coz the illus looks like her. i guess you guys have the same style :P cute blog! :)


  2. How lovely! I am glad that you won darling!

    AND you are gorgeous. Just so you know.

  3. like best ever is what! i love it and major congrats on such a stellar score. can't believe the odds, stars lined up for you lades. so awesome.

    happy to see she/you found a sidebar home, looks great. sweet sunday wishes to you, feel better. ♥

  4. haha Kat you're a sweetheart. I'm flattered that you would like my blog enough to follow it.
    And K, I am SO freaking jealous of your giveaway win. Seriously I swear I never freaking win those things. I'm glad at least one of us has some luck!
    I'm sorry you're feeling sick! That totally sucks. Get feeling better soon, I miss your lovely posts. :)

  5. This is so awesome! I could tell it was you instantly! I hope you feel better soon :)

  6. Love their illustrations. Congrats! :D
    xoxo from Sweden
    /Sara and Emma

  7. Love it! Love the photo and the fact that you won! I never win so it is equally satisfying when I know somebody that won!


  8. Thank you for the lovely post, we're so glad you liked the illustration! :)
    Rosa and Carlotta


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