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i have a little too much going on right now to be worrying about 30 for 30.. i still will be trying to stay within the limits during everyday life but i'm just feeling to blah and bland to do it on the blog. to take blog photos i need to perfect my makeup, perfect my face, perfect the outfit, it's a little bit of work. i'm a perfectionist when it comes to how you all see me. that might be considered fake, but i present myself on here as more of how i want to be. but me and blog Kat are similar in my eyes.
 i took down my button, and in case kendi sees this feel free to take my name off the list. i went into this with gusto and high expectations but my first few days of february have been a little hectic and chaotic.
i'm really preoccupied with some internal and personal issues right now, and i just don't think i can handle it or be able to post them in a regular fashion. as you can see, i already missed my follow friday yesterday.


i'm feeling so thematic in life right now -- from the themed outfits to just modes and moods. right now, although it's not relevant to the issues mentioned above, i'm pretty obsessed with food. this season has me enjoying rustic and minimalistic things, and right now i'm obsessed with the beauty of foods. is this so odd? today's (yesterday's...) three to follow blogs are centered in some way around food.

i was inspired by them to try some things for breakfast, which for me, is always dull and monotonous, but yummy, but not beautiful or delicious. my new favorite staple i've adapted from simply breakfast is peanut butter on waffles. i'm not sure if it's necessarily healthy, but damn is it good.

there's not much wiggle room for vegans in the world of gourmets, but isn't it just lovely to look at?

2) Celeste of wanderlust
She is not just a wonderful cook and she doesn't solely post foodstuffs, but she has her fair share of recipes and foodie shots. She's a lovely eclectic mix of many things -- and he recipes are to die for. Including pancake balls and lavender banana bread muffins.
jenna's carrots
chocolate chip and blueberry filled
with a little lavender on top

Maya's was one of the first blogs i followed and read. She doesn't post too regularly, every few weeks or so, but it's always a picture of her breakfast. Maya is a recovering anorexic, too, so it's nice to see how much she has progressed..

Am i the only one who actually likes looking at other people's food? It's just nice.. refreshing even. i live on microwave meals. I really must start cooking more. Can't wait till i'm on my own and am forced to cook - at least then i'll have the motivation!



  1. Oh I love foodie blogs too, I like to get ideas on what to eat myself, as I get bored very easily. Simply Breakfast is an amazing blog, her photos are so beautiful and make me love breakfasts.

  2. these food blogs are soo great!!


  3. oh my goodness, you've made me so hungry!
    enter my giveaway? <33

  4. i love your blog! and i always like looking at food :)

  5. You're vegan? I had no idea! I commend you for that, I wish I had the discipline.

    These all look delicious. I know what you mean, I've been lusting after healthy + organic recipes lately too..!

  6. your making me miss real food even more! I'm too lazy and broke to eat good in college :(

  7. Sorry for my lack of commenting lately. I have been terribly busy, and congrats on being vegan! That's awesome, I'm a vegetarian, so you win! If life was a contest that is. Xoxo.

  8. I've been a vegetarian since I was barely 13, and I keep wanting to try veganism. The pb waffles idea sounds so delicious. I have a weakness for peanut butter.

  9. ooo! i love simply breakfast. i discovered that amazing blog from the freepeople blog. whatta small world :)
    buttercup buttons

  10. Don't worry about missing features flower, it happens to the best of us. These images of food are making my belly rumble. Stay smiley! jazzy ♥

  11. My goodness, my mouth is watering after reading this post. I need to try those lavender banana bread muffins.

  12. Oh my god, I actually need to try and cook these all. Lavender and banana? Sounds like a perfect match! Thanks for you sweet comment! Panda xo

  13. that breakfast blog is unreal.

  14. this post has made me so hungry! haha :) I love food blogs, thanks for sharing these. Also this is my first time checking out your blog and I have to say it's lovely!

  15. I love food photos!so nice!Charming!

  16. i LOVE food photos! thanks for your comment :)

    F. (opinionslave.blogspot.com) x


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