pot kettle black

meet me's are changed now to weekly inspiration posts.
same time, fairly same content. it's mostly just my obsessions of the moment.


teacups. i love teacups.
today after another rehearsal for guys & dolls i'm going out to starbucks and a little vintage store called exile. why? because i NEED teacups. not my mother's teacups. my own teacups.
StayGoldMaryRose - Beautiful pastel pink and blue floral pattern tea cup bracelet with light frosted burgundy hand made satin bow.
Hidden Animal Teacups
001; lipstick stained teacup via my camera. i love lipstick on teacups. it's odd. i don't know why. especially since lipstick stains on glasses and normal cups bother the bejeebus out of me.
002, 003, 004; tea-lights, teacup candle, and teacup planters via oh hello, friend; you are loved. aren't of these the best uses for teacups? and all diyable. i love it. i plan on have the tea-lights in whatever apartment i live in.
005; teacup bracelets via stay gold mary rose. she sells so many different bracelets and all made from bone china tea cups. i'm buying these for myself next christmas. she makes some for anthropologie but the exact same ones sell on her etsy for about $20 cheaper. 



  1. There's something so elegant about drinking from a teacup and saucer.

  2. I want to start collecting cute little teacups like this :)

  3. i just finished my third cup of the day while reading this, adorable! i love the first photo a lot, xx

  4. I had a dream the other night that glued teacups to my ceiling, all around, and it was just lovely! One day I actually will..I promise. Also, I am so excited to see your dress. In all honesty, I was hoping you would send in something. I even told Maddie that I would love an outfit post to be one from you! Xoxo.

  5. I'm a bit obsessed with teacups as well - they're perfect for drinking cocktails from! (

  6. Lovely images- inspiration posts are always good :)


  7. I love teacups too, theres something so British about it. And teapots. We should keep the tradition alive!

  8. you have such a sweet little blog, so happy i stopped by x


  9. teacups have such timeless, dainty beauty <3 I love it. all the photos you found are gorgeous :) so inspiring!


  10. i like the change up, always a good idea when the inspiration hits! hope you'll post about the ones you find too. i've been eying up my own mom's collection for some time. they are the prettiest things and adore the one you posted turned into a candle!

    those little woodland creatures peeking up out of the latte bath are really cute too. ♥

  11. Such agood post! The Teacup lights are a dream!

  12. I am drinking orange juice from a teacup right now! ♥

    And absolutely, we are on the same page!! I collect vintage stationary (though I've used all mine up so I'm going out on Monday to get some more!) and would LOVE to do letters. There is something just so personal about handwritten letters.


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