with is extra

Life is weird. That's about it.

disclaimer: the blood is fake. 


a week in photos

it's really more like a few weeks in photos but details, details.

1 - marilyn monroe's autobiography that i just ordered (it's wonderful!); 2 - enjoying my record-playing apparatus (it's a record player hooked up to a portable amp); 3 - a cozy night in and tea with friends; 4 - the addition of a purple chanel mascara to my beauty product hoard; 5 - watching candide on broadway on youtube - patti lupone is my hero; 6 - spending some quality time in the VCU art rooms - they're beautiful. the floors are covered in paint; 7 - a cute little red velvet cupcake i picked up yesterday. can you believe you can buy them in these little plastic bubbles at the drugstore now?


this week has kind of sucked. my show is next week, and i'm not a big role or anything, but i've lost my voice. this past week i've had a little cold, but i currently have lost my voice. which, considering the show is in a few mere days, is bad. it's causing me to be pretty anxious but c'est la vie, right? we'll see how everything plays out. for now, it's chamomile tea and salt water gargles.
hopefully after the show i can show you all some photos and maybe a few pictures of our incredible set!