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i missed another follow friday post.

1) rena from the moon child
i think the first thing i think of when i think of rena is her overall look. it's just so unique. her face is so amazing but in a very un-generic way. like when tyra said people told her she looked like e.t. and she said 'thank you, i will phone home and then you can pay me.' or when people thought audrey hepburn looked funny - she even starred in a movie called funny face. rena is so original in her look, and her outfits match.. she also like diana and lomography cameras (like a certain accoudrements writer..) she makes great playlists too. she's pretty rockin'.

2) lisa from in my satchel
another diana/lomo lover, with simply the best inspiration posts.. another true beauty. 

3) zsara from love, zsara
i'm not putting any pictures of her, and not only because i couldn't find many. she is in my eyes a writer, but she is such without being windy. i usually can't follow writing blogs or anything similar because i find them hard to pay attention to. i feel a little disinterested and like i can't dedicate enough attention to read the whole thing of whatever they write but with zsara it's different. it's a pleasure to read whatever she writes or compiles, and it just makes me feel good. she most recently wrote about an old woman who came to the deli where she worked and talked about her husband and when she met him, how, her favorite moments with him, etc. it is so darling.. but then she became pale and stated he'd been dead for six months. it broke my heart.

she's intelligent and i will say it again but it's a pleasure to read. it's similar to the way i feel about cassidy's writing. go follow zsara. you're not going to regret it.

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  1. aww thank you so much for your kind words about my blog! I don't actually have any pictures of me on my blog as I'm quite shy! I'd rather people follow because they like my writing, so this was lovely to read :) xo


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