nadinoo spring

you know how much i love clothes, mildly creepy french musicbox music, and birds.

nadinoo combined them. this video was made just for me; i'm certain of it. it's so astoundingly lovely. it's been popping up everywhere in the last day or so but incase you haven't seen it.. here it is.

i quite literally want to be everything this video is.



  1. such a great video! thanks for sharing!!


  2. french music box music? awe.some.
    And thanks for posting the vid, i like stuff like this too!

  3. omg i just watched it and it is AMAZINGGG. the model is so pretty and the whole concept is just so creative

    hope you'll visit/follow

  4. so pretty! love the chirping birdies. xo ♥

  5. Hey Kat!
    This is so cute! I basically was loving everything she was wearing in the video.. and seriously love her hair!! Those mod cuts always look good. I like that vintagey tint to the picture, too.. people have been doing that with their blog photos but I can't for the life of me figure out how they do it.. I think it looks so nice!

    That's so funny that you know of Tombola!! When I was sitting writing my post, I was like, Hmm no one is going to know what I'm talking about.. but you did :D All the inside jokes in my family because of that game... so when I saw the litte Tombola rings, I just had to get one!

    *Claudia* x
    Molto ❤ Fashion


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