sister golden hair surprise

Hi everybody -- it's been a while.

I just returned from another week-long stay at the hospital, nothing serious, similar circumstances. Oh well. It had me re-evaluate things a little bit, and I think I'm a little more on track, just in general. I hope no one feels I've been neglectful... because I have... But the week before that I had exams and things were just so stressful. Supposedly, I have 6 weeks of blog reading to do, but I'm only going to read one haha.

Well, the return to blogging, here's an outfit:

Dress - wholesale-dress.net; hat - gift; shoes - Payless; bracelet/ring - Target; polish - Milani in Gold, lipstick - Revlon in Coralberry

I look a little stupid holding onto my hat in almost every photo haha. Oh well. 

I found this little patch of grass, flowers, and sunshine with a tree swing behind a newly-constructed house.. Trespassing is fun. But it was too cute to pass up. The house just sold, so I guess I won't be returning.. 

Hopefully since it is summer now I will have a few more posts more often. I do have some work, class, and an audition or two set up, but otherwise, my summer's pretty free! 


Glad to be back.



a week in photos

i don't usually do this kind of thing, but to hell with it. i know i've been a little neglectful over here, it's just exams next week and a lack of sleep and over-all moody me. i don't want to inflict my fury upon the innocent reader (you).

so, to kind of catch you up, here is my week in photos.

Shown here:
1) Not-so-required reading (Nylon, Vogue, Rolling Stone Gaga Edition, Shoes Shoes Shoes by Andy Warhol, Fifty Bags that Changed the World by the Design Museum)
2) The best Shining-themed laptop case in the entire world that just barely fits my monster of a laptop
3) 3 new gaga posters ♥
4) A portrait of my week: Late, frazzled, and lazy.
5) A kick-ass Twiggy sticker on a streetlight
6) A view of one of my favorite parts of the city from the riverside.
7) Fantastic local art on display at one  of my favorite shops.. I was very tempted to touch the last one.

What's not shown here:

How yesterday was the worst day of my life. Halfway through the day i had one of my inexplicable and unexplainable breakdowns. So that sucked, and i went through with some self-prescribed retail therapy. Which was nice, until as i was walking to work at the Firehouse Theatre, a hobo decided it would be so fucking hilarious to smear chili on me. So i ran to work from there, and washed my shit in the sink, and smelled like chili. Left my clothes to dry in the bathroom, and changed into a dress i had bought. Then i  went on to create a little song that i sang for my friend at work, Georgina, that went a little something like this: "Next time I see a hobo imma shoot him in the head on the ground." With a very nice little tune and everything. And then i had to wash and wipe myself numerous times, being a paranoid obsessive compulsive neat freak, rub perfume and stress-relief lotion all over myself, smoke a cigarette, and administer about 8 ibuprofen. Yesterday sucked.



sickly sweet

this is me admitting into the aztec trend. super huge bubble-gum pink striped high waisted shorts (no doubt from the 80's),  a black aztec tank, a boy's aztec printed leather belt, and my favorite sandals. 

tank top - walmart; belt - thrifted; shorts - thrifted; sandals - deena & ozzy via rumors (thrifted); lipstick shown is revlon's matte stormy pink - a look-a-like to mac's candy yum yum.


i know my blog's layout/header/fonts/etc. have been fluctuating wildly, but i think i have some watercolors i've made and a version of the header i'm going to enact.. sorry for any confusion/stupidity that's my fault haha!


it's an honor

today, i've been featured twice: in Missfits magazine (one i've touted the greatness of before) and by the effervescent and famous Alyse. I just hope they know how honored i feel.

Alyse featured my Daring to Bare video - which whenever i look at i feel silly - and Missfits took a few outfits of mine (see: Rosie the Riveter; O Captain my Captain) for their reader style submissions as well as a few paragraphs i wrote a while ago about what my personal style and style in general means to me.

If you haven't read this or any other issue of Missfits, i strongly recommend it. Missfits is a feminist magazine with loads of reader submitted art, poems, articles, and this month, a feature and interview with the lovely Kate Nash. 

If you have never read (either of) Alyse's blog(s) i also strongly recommend it. Alyse is beautiful, talented with a makeup brush and just as talented with a keyboard and a pencil. She has a fairly new weekly feature of 'Makeover Sunday' in which she shows a before and after picture of herself with and without makeup, and then many other bloggers daring to do the same. 

Again, I couldn't be more honored by these small acts of kindness, and i feel so lucky to be shown alongside people like Alyse herself, Kate Nash, Gemma Correll, Sian, Fern, Gem, etc.

This blogger feels pretty snappy.



an education

i watched the film 'an education' last night. my opinion?

ohmygodit'sreallygood. carey mulligan is so beautiful - she rocks the beehive for a few scenes - and she's an excellent actress. the whole movie was great though. i wish that kind of thing would happen to me - getting swept off of her feet by a charismatic rich young man.. british, too.. who takes her to paris! oh i could die.

so, with the help of carrie's beehive tut (although i don't have enough hair for a real one), some juliette greco, brigitte bardot, and the teenagers thrown in for good measure, and a 60's filter,  i came up with my inspired outfit. to be fair, i did wear this outfit today, but little to no makeup and messy hair at school.

can you tell i like polka dots? i don't know exactly why i wore this when thinking of british, but i do know i bought this dress because it was similar to one popular with the british lady bloggers at the time, except theirs was this one from topshop with a black collar and spots, as well as a rised bustline and no sleeves. the dress is from wholesale-dress.net, and i love that site, though i must warn you the quality is always below average. the buttons on this dress are hot glued on. yeah.

while i was shooting my baby b came over and distracted me.

even he's more british than i am! how i envy his little bombay self. so darling though, right? 



drumroll please...

and  the winner of the vintage princess giveaway is....

Beth! Congratulations! I will package with care, and send to you immediately. I'll email you promptly, too.


Alas, my poor lovelies, not everyone can win. But some people did not follow directions... tut tut. You MUST follow -- and that means on a reading format, not just reading my blog. You were not counted in the giveaway if i could not find your profile on GFC or bloglovin. Sorry.

But never fear, as there are many giveaways in the future of {accoudrements}. It seems to me that one will happen for my upcoming blogiversary (oh goodness, does anyone remember the stark infancy here? Oh, what a laugh.) and i also broke a hundred followers last week. A clap for  you guys.