where do you live?
suburban virginia.

what kind of blog is accoudrements?
i don't exactly know. it's a make-up-as-i-go-along project. however, it's mostly personal style.

what does 'accoudrements' mean? did you mean to type accoutrements?
no; the name is not a typo. accoudrements is a wordplay on the french words for sewing (coudre) and accessories (accoutrements). i thought it was clever a few years ago.

who takes your pictures?
me with my tripod. i don't have a remote either, so i use the ten-second timer. so looking at my pictures is probably ten times creepier considering each and every one is carefully posed.  i stand in plain view in front of a tripod in a pose for many seconds.

what is your natural hair colour?