faux litas/lolitas/giveaway winners

Home ill again. And i wasn't even expecting it today.
But i'll leave you with a shoot from Cassidy (that i 'borrowed'. i hope that's quite alright with her.) and a question: what is your opinion on knock offs?
i believe that you should love style for the look and not the label, right? but i'm still conflicted about buying these June + Julia heels. They're named 'Lola' but they are quite the Jeffrey Campbell look-a-like. Which means they're lovely. Also handmade and synthetic leather, which will help my little heart sleep at night. 
The only differences between them and the real ones that are clearly visible are the heels and the missing grommets for the laces on the black versions. But for $40 compared to $160...? I'm definitely feeling it. JUNE + JULIA also have some other very cute shoes, so look around. My favorites are the blue satin Marrys, the yellow faux-suede Febrinas, the Naomis, and the Alexa wedges. Very mod/chic.
IMG_2925IMG_7033naomi boots
(images via June + Julia)

 And i'm pretty sure that they're all under $50.


(photos via bisous; mon amour)

Still in the midst of reading Lolita by Vladmir Nabokov on Cassidy's recommendation. It's divine. So charming.. Check out her full post/shoot inspired by Lolita here.


The WINNERS of the layout makeover are Hayles, Haylee, and Jess! Ella Press should be in touch with you soon.  Remember, lovely people, that you MUST be a follower to be considered an entry. And that you MUST have commented. I had people email me with their entries instead of commenting, and therefore only a few people commented. That made it fairly easy for those who entered correctly to win. 

Thank you for all those who entered, I apologize if you didn't win. But, honestly, and even better giveaway will be coming up. Don't fret!


  1. Love the pictures! I haven't read Lolita yet but it's many of my friend's favorite books. It's definitely on my to-read list, especially after seeing these gorgeous pics! :)

    I dislike when company's are a little too-inspired by other shoe companies, but I understand it happens quite a lot. I don't really care for the JC Litas in the first place...I like the blue satin shoes here, though! Great choices.

  2. Oh kat, I wish I lived in the blogging world, everyone seems so lovely! Thank you for being so kind.
    I, personally, am please that companies do similar styles to designer, because I know a lot of us can't really afford to buy everything designer. Especially when it's just a flash in the pan trend.
    I'd personally love to find a bag similar to wang rocco, and I don't mind if it's 'inspired by' the designer. Simply because I couldn't spend that much on a bag.
    Anyway, after all my ramblings, I don't mind 'inspired by' I'm just not a big fan of blatant fakes.

  3. i think knockoffs rock, personally. but i do see the value in buying the real thing if it is better quality and will last a lifetime rather than a couple of washings.

  4. dag girl, you got the ill's, sucks total! but okay knock-offs are just fine by me, especially like you say, they aren't real leather. your choice rocks. bonus about the price tag too!

    congrats to the lucky winners! and happy week ahead lades. ♥

  5. You're the sweetest! I'm happy to report that I couldn't keep myself away and I'm now blogging again :) Thank you for your lovely comment and for featuring my photos! Sounds like you're really enjoying Lolita :)

  6. Hope you feel better soon! Days off home always seemed like a novelty when you weren't ill... but in reality they're pretty boring lol. It's difficult to call something knock off when it's so easy to have the same inspiration and then two brands end up looking similar coincidentally. Though I seem what you mean, these are very similar to JCs! jazzy ♥

  7. Oh my gosh I can't believe I won!! Thanks so much Kat!

  8. These shoes are amazing- knock off or not! Sometimes you just cant afford the real thing- I know I cant anyway!

    Hope you feel better soon :)


  9. Lolita is definitely something everyone should read at least once. ;)

  10. Lolita is the most beautifully written book ever. And I don't use "ever" lightly.

  11. Oh my gosh-- THESE SHOES.

    haha. I love how we're commenting back and forth on previous post.

    I can't find your email for the life of me:
    amberrose@modestjune.com ? <3


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