the student and the teacher, days 2 & 3


striped blouse w/ princess sleeves: H&M, $20
Thistlepearl wrap skirt: Urban Outfitters, $45
leather moto jacket: thrifted, $5

i have a little bit of a grey-and-white stripe problem, huh?

contrast bow blouse: thrifted via Rumors, $8
elastic denim skirt: Walmart, $9
ruler: vintage

The irony of these two outfits is one of my more recent posts about my hatred of school.

it's only day 3 and i'm already a little behind. sorry for the lateness of day 2; I had yesterday off and was a total laze until i realized i had homework, so then i was much too preoccupied to be worried with thirty for thirty. 
I also unintentionally took today off (missed my bus and slept in until 2:30 pm), but i don't have homework today.

How did i spend my days off, you ask (i don't care if you didn't ask, telling you anyway)? Writing a love letter, looking through the online picture archives of frankie - one of my favorite magazines, damn australia for being so very far away and making me pay $100 if i want 6 issues of it.. i love having magazines in print, eating peanut butter on waffles, and later today i intend on playing some pokemon. This is the life.


enjoy my newest accessory?

this would be the second designer item i own, next to the marc by marc jacobs necklace i found at fossil for $30 (retails at $150). Dolce & Gabbana. Oh, i just melt. But thank goodness i don't have to wear them all the time; i find that i look rather dreadful in them. 


i go thrifting and shopping with a dear friend of mine on monday for the giveaway. i still haven't found the perfect thing! i hate to make you all wait.. but oh well. and it DOESN'T break the rules of 30 for 30 if it's not clothing or for myself! i think..

p.s., the ruler bit is a joke.



  1. I love the top with the bow, and that skirt!! I bought a tutu type skirt hoping it would look like that black one you have....it doesn't :(

    score on the glasses! I found a Marc Jacobs shirt at Buffalo Exchange once for $28!!! I just about died! :)

    Thank you so much for your comment the other night, It was the best comment I have ever gotten.

  2. I love the bow top and skirt too, you look fab.
    Yey for Voodle introducing me to yet another fab blog (she has the best taste :)
    Thank you for your comment, I did end up wearing the black outfit x

    Kittenish Behaviour Blog

  3. hey, i have D&G glasses! welcome the club kat ;D

  4. You are the CUTEST. I love this!

  5. so rad! congrats on kendi's 30 for 30 blog addition, that's so cool, you deserve it...these themed outfits rock lades.

    what a great day off, i love paging through mags too (the real kind). tear sheets are my friend and i've collected scads of faves. your new glasses look awesome, perfectly suit your face doll.

    pea ess: thanks for easing my mind, so happy to hear it was a sort of venting process, exaggerate away...now i know and thanks also for understanding my protectiveness. wishing you greatness this weekend. ♥

  6. I love both of these looks! Teacher/student, biliant.


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