o captain, my captain

this is actually a dress i got at exile a week ago, and i wore it in an outfit a week ago. it's just a hasty snapshot of the dress that i took to submit to Missfits. i procrastinate far too much.

this is all for today, but inspiration tomorrow, when i'm actually more than 30% awake.



the treasure trove

At Goodwill yesterday i found a teacup and a lovely ornate box labeled exotic teas. A perfect match? Yes. Perfect for storing my sentimental goodies? Yes.
Inside of the box are paint chips of my favorite colours (mint green, a blush rose, plum, etc.), a small russian box (upper right hand corner), a vintage key (lower left hand corner), my international coins (mostly euros, all in the little silk bag), my money in bills, a fantastic handmade birthday from one of my best friends, J-Lo (Madeleine Jordan-Lord; it's under all of the other things, sorry babe), a fruity tea-bag in lieu of potpourri,  and a teacup full of my favorite little trinkets. 
Inside of the teacup are a peacock feather, two crystals, some sea glass, some coral, a vintage paisley hairpin, and a vintage earring.

Isn't it all divine? I'm going to call it my 'happy box'.



la vie boheme

 my school did a post secret themed thing. it was supposed to be just like post secret, but people simply can't follow directions. but it was still absolutely divine. and some of it was quite artistic.

i loved the whole project. i made a list of ones i had wanted to make but submissions closed and i only got one in. guess which is mine? pretty obvious huh? oh well. the others were just.. odd. a little glad i didn't post them. but i love the anonymity of it all. it has me feeling artistic, so that means today's few to follow are artsy:

her art is stunning. always. she mixes a lot of ink and water colour, and uploads direct scans of her sketchbook often.. so beautiful. and french. i can't speak a word of it but it's even more alluring, no?

2) ismay from two two oh four.
ismay draws amazingly. true talent... just stunning. but she posts a lot of great photos too. 

Georgia Jagger
3) eri from mermaid hair.
gaunt, androgynous, and always stylish sketches. sometimes she even does drawings that sum up a collection.


the most artistic thing i have done lately is draw a box of chocolates while feeling sorry for my vegan/single self. no chocolates for this doll.


this weekend i have two lovely vintage dresses for you that i got from exile on monday, and tomorrow i hit goodwill. wait and see, dears. wait and see...



pot kettle black

meet me's are changed now to weekly inspiration posts.
same time, fairly same content. it's mostly just my obsessions of the moment.


teacups. i love teacups.
today after another rehearsal for guys & dolls i'm going out to starbucks and a little vintage store called exile. why? because i NEED teacups. not my mother's teacups. my own teacups.
StayGoldMaryRose - Beautiful pastel pink and blue floral pattern tea cup bracelet with light frosted burgundy hand made satin bow.
Hidden Animal Teacups
001; lipstick stained teacup via my camera. i love lipstick on teacups. it's odd. i don't know why. especially since lipstick stains on glasses and normal cups bother the bejeebus out of me.
002, 003, 004; tea-lights, teacup candle, and teacup planters via oh hello, friend; you are loved. aren't of these the best uses for teacups? and all diyable. i love it. i plan on have the tea-lights in whatever apartment i live in.
005; teacup bracelets via stay gold mary rose. she sells so many different bracelets and all made from bone china tea cups. i'm buying these for myself next christmas. she makes some for anthropologie but the exact same ones sell on her etsy for about $20 cheaper. 



the moonchild, in my satchel, love zsara

i missed another follow friday post.

1) rena from the moon child
i think the first thing i think of when i think of rena is her overall look. it's just so unique. her face is so amazing but in a very un-generic way. like when tyra said people told her she looked like e.t. and she said 'thank you, i will phone home and then you can pay me.' or when people thought audrey hepburn looked funny - she even starred in a movie called funny face. rena is so original in her look, and her outfits match.. she also like diana and lomography cameras (like a certain accoudrements writer..) she makes great playlists too. she's pretty rockin'.

2) lisa from in my satchel
another diana/lomo lover, with simply the best inspiration posts.. another true beauty. 

3) zsara from love, zsara
i'm not putting any pictures of her, and not only because i couldn't find many. she is in my eyes a writer, but she is such without being windy. i usually can't follow writing blogs or anything similar because i find them hard to pay attention to. i feel a little disinterested and like i can't dedicate enough attention to read the whole thing of whatever they write but with zsara it's different. it's a pleasure to read whatever she writes or compiles, and it just makes me feel good. she most recently wrote about an old woman who came to the deli where she worked and talked about her husband and when she met him, how, her favorite moments with him, etc. it is so darling.. but then she became pale and stated he'd been dead for six months. it broke my heart.

she's intelligent and i will say it again but it's a pleasure to read. it's similar to the way i feel about cassidy's writing. go follow zsara. you're not going to regret it.


faux litas/lolitas/giveaway winners

Home ill again. And i wasn't even expecting it today.
But i'll leave you with a shoot from Cassidy (that i 'borrowed'. i hope that's quite alright with her.) and a question: what is your opinion on knock offs?
i believe that you should love style for the look and not the label, right? but i'm still conflicted about buying these June + Julia heels. They're named 'Lola' but they are quite the Jeffrey Campbell look-a-like. Which means they're lovely. Also handmade and synthetic leather, which will help my little heart sleep at night. 
The only differences between them and the real ones that are clearly visible are the heels and the missing grommets for the laces on the black versions. But for $40 compared to $160...? I'm definitely feeling it. JUNE + JULIA also have some other very cute shoes, so look around. My favorites are the blue satin Marrys, the yellow faux-suede Febrinas, the Naomis, and the Alexa wedges. Very mod/chic.
IMG_2925IMG_7033naomi boots
(images via June + Julia)

 And i'm pretty sure that they're all under $50.


(photos via bisous; mon amour)

Still in the midst of reading Lolita by Vladmir Nabokov on Cassidy's recommendation. It's divine. So charming.. Check out her full post/shoot inspired by Lolita here.


The WINNERS of the layout makeover are Hayles, Haylee, and Jess! Ella Press should be in touch with you soon.  Remember, lovely people, that you MUST be a follower to be considered an entry. And that you MUST have commented. I had people email me with their entries instead of commenting, and therefore only a few people commented. That made it fairly easy for those who entered correctly to win. 

Thank you for all those who entered, I apologize if you didn't win. But, honestly, and even better giveaway will be coming up. Don't fret!


silence of the lambs

Today’s Valentine’s Day, and I’m not in any mood for it, either.
On Tuesday I was - as nice as he may have been about it - bluntly rejected by someone I liked very very  much… It hurt. I’ll easily admit to that. It was painful and it’s one of those things that just makes me cringe and make me feel like I’ll never ever be in a mutual relationship. I love being in love. I love feeling so important to someone and almost idolizing them,  and I don’t even know how else to explain it. It’s probably a little bit unhealthy. And yet again I digress.

Valentine’s Day sucks.

I am not going to give you the crap about how it’s a consumer driven holiday, it’s created by the government to distract the people from their real problems, conspiracy theory, etc. But I will gladly give you the crap about how it makes singles feel like shit. No doubt about it.
I swear someone decided ‘Hey, let’s make this holiday all about love and loving and love and stuff..’ – it was probably a hippie. And then someone else said ‘Hey! That’s a wonderful idea! Then we can also rub all the singles’ noses in it, and make them feel so stupid and unlovable and just like a pile of horse shit! Yuk-yuk-yuk-yuk-yuk.’  That’s what happened. I will swear by it.

I want to have a kind of anti-Valentine’s day. Is that just me? Anyone wanna join me? Let’s set a date. How about February 21th? Let’s do it. It’s close enough to Valentine’s Day to be considered relevant, but it’s one week after it so then it will be far enough away to have the horny couples calmed down. I kind of already had my little mini pity fest a few days ago – me, Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, a tub of  vegan chocolate ice cream, and then Jodie Foster and Hannibal the Cannibal to make me feel superior and macabre, like wanting eat the cutesy couple’s hearts out and going ‘YES! YOUR LOVE IS MY SUSTENANCE! MUAHAHAH.’ – so I guess I already had an anti-Valentine’s day but I want it to be a legitimate holiday. Is that so wrong?


But then again, if you’re in love, congratulations. Have a lovely holiday with your partner.  My favorite Valentine’s day presents would be as follows, as much as I hate to admit that I’ve been looking around at them. Descriptions and links after the pictures:
Petit Fleur De Rose, Hand-Crafted Soap
Valentine headband - doki doki heart beat - anime
Charming Peacock Feather Hearts- 100
Raspberry Chocolate French Macaroons
001; rose soap via Tallulah’s Soaps. Gorgeous, rose scented, just heavenly. And for $6.00 you’re literally stupid to not buy it. It comes complete with little dried rosebuds encrusted in the top of the soap. Simply divine.
002;  doily bowl via design*sponge. Doilies always make me feel romantic. You could even dye/paint it pink and cut it into a heart. And it’s completely DIY-able!
003; ribbon message-in-a-tin Valentine via design*sponge. It’s another DIY, and it’s adorable. Use iron on transfers with your message onto the ribbon of choice, coil, and place in a little vintage tin.
004; doki-doki embroidered headband via Janine Basil. Doki-Doki is the term for the noise heartbeats make in Japanese, and being the nerd I am I had to include it. *whining* But it’s just SOOO CUTTEEEE.
005; Coco Rouge Shine in Boy via Chanel. There’s many reason’s she/you will love it. Not only is it Chanel, it’s also so romantic. It’s named after Chanel herself’s longtime lover, Arthur ‘Boy’ Chapel. Isn’t that adorable? It’s sheer, light, has a little scent, and is limited edition. Retails at $32. A little much for a little gloss, but Chanel nonetheless, right?
006; YSL heart cutout flats via Yves Saint Laurent. I don’t have anything much to say about these besides that they’re adorable, especially in lilac, pink, or red (but currently only available in the online shop in beige and black), and YSL. Self explanatory.
007; peacock hearts (not literally, my dear children) via Cherubino Crafts. You get 100 heart shaped peacock feathers for $100. Again, pricey, but so so so so lovely. May just be because of my peacock obsession.
008; dusty-pink macaroons with chocolate/raspberry filling via Epicurious. They have the recipe on the website and everything, and they look so delicious..
009; human heart cake via Lily Vanilli. My personal favorite out of all the Valentine’s Day themed things in the world. It’s (probably) as close as I’ll get to being just like Hannibal. Oh, that devilish mind of mine.

So that’s it for now.