la vie boheme

 my school did a post secret themed thing. it was supposed to be just like post secret, but people simply can't follow directions. but it was still absolutely divine. and some of it was quite artistic.

i loved the whole project. i made a list of ones i had wanted to make but submissions closed and i only got one in. guess which is mine? pretty obvious huh? oh well. the others were just.. odd. a little glad i didn't post them. but i love the anonymity of it all. it has me feeling artistic, so that means today's few to follow are artsy:

her art is stunning. always. she mixes a lot of ink and water colour, and uploads direct scans of her sketchbook often.. so beautiful. and french. i can't speak a word of it but it's even more alluring, no?

2) ismay from two two oh four.
ismay draws amazingly. true talent... just stunning. but she posts a lot of great photos too. 

Georgia Jagger
3) eri from mermaid hair.
gaunt, androgynous, and always stylish sketches. sometimes she even does drawings that sum up a collection.


the most artistic thing i have done lately is draw a box of chocolates while feeling sorry for my vegan/single self. no chocolates for this doll.


this weekend i have two lovely vintage dresses for you that i got from exile on monday, and tomorrow i hit goodwill. wait and see, dears. wait and see...



  1. That is awesome!! Definitely something that would create some excitement for everyone at school, and it's like juicy gossip, but a safe version because it's anonymous. It does look like some people got really creative- so inspiring to see people's artistic side and what they come up with.

    Thank you for the well-wishing comment! Im just breathing relief for not going insane on the super long plane ride.. but my squished knees have not quite recovered yet.. haha ;P x

  2. Oh I've been following mermaid hair for a while...lovely. :) And the art project is very, very impressive. My school did a little something similar, but I think most of them were my secrets.

  3. I love all of the images here, darling :)

    P.s. If you want to submit for the readers outfit post in Missfits then it would be great if you could e-mail them to us before tomorrow. The issue comes out Tuesday, so we really need everything right away.

    Thanks, dear.

  4. I absolutely love this post! Such amazing art work, and I've always been a sucker for post secret-what a great idea for a project! Hope all is well love


  5. I absolutely love the idea of a PostSecret wall.

    Want to hear a secret? I sent in a postcard to the postsecret book, The Secret Lives of Men and Women.

    One of my secrets was published in that book, though I'll never tell a soul which one is mine.

    ps: Your comment just made my day. I'm feeling so gross today and you perked me right up.

    pps: These blogs you share are fabulous and SO lovely. It makes me feel honored to have been mentioned in the past.

    ppps (? haha): I want to be penpals.

  6. I could read the postsecret books all day, I love it. The one they did with love letters was pretty heart breaking but its such a neat idea. I wish our school did something this cool :)

  7. i love your photos lady!!come and visit my Milan Fashion Week and if you like follow me!i'd be very happy!:)


  8. woowww thank you !! i'm honored. <3

    I like your romantic universe and thanks to your blog i have found some talented illustrator! and discover postsecret i didn't know that before.

    I really like the first one with the old picture. I love it.

  9. Hi Kat! Thanks for letting me know Great Expectations was listed twice, at the same time I noticed that my strikeouts hadn't published either.
    Thanks again.
    Cool post - I had never heard of post secrets before. :)

  10. cool post secret photos! what a lovely angle:)

  11. Wow, those are really amazing art pieces! :)



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