it's that robin egg blue...

this is a crummy picture... but they are the most beautiful things i've ever bought. robin egg blue satin heels. i usually hate pointed shoes but goodness, these are exceptional. especially at $8.

they have a splendid light pink leather lining, and i found a hot pink feather in the insole. i took it as a wonderful sign.

 then i realized my shoes were the same colour as the railings at school. goodness. i love them so very much.



the beautiful storm

this morning it was dark. so dark and gray. the thunder was loud.

i stayed home today. it took an hour of yelling half-awake expletives to get them to let me stay. arguing with my mother over the present state of myself later.

but i decided to make a floral wreath like i'd seen in the tutorials of greer and hiven.

earlier i watched donnie darko, now it's one flew over the cuckoo's nest.


two favorites. if you can't tell, it's a black-and-white mental-issue day.


small hiatus

if you've ever participated in a show, you know what tech week is, and what it's like.

my day:

wake up late, 7:30
school, 8:40-3:00
rehearsal, 3:00-11:00

my goodness i'm exhausted. we run the show thurs/fri/sat. this lovely nightmare that causes my feet to bleed (no exaggeration) will be over.

just a week, be back next monday or so.

to keep you entertained...

it's my new favorite lady/song of the moment.



matchbook magazine

tardy again. but i REFUSE to take the easy way out and just change follow friday to saturday. why? 3 things:
1) follow saturday has no alliteration.. although i could do share saturday. sounds weird though.
2) i'd be late for that too. share saturday would end up on sunday.
3) then i'd have to do share sunday. no thanks!


matchbook magazine: field guide to a charmed life. so darling. it's probably the cutest magazine ever, but still stylish and sophisticated.

it has so many features, including a history lesson (generally fashion or artistically related), fashion + beauty section, travel, culture, living, and then the big-ticket features. 

this is the magazine to learn how to be martha stewart. and twiggy. and a classy lady (or gent) in general. it is another one of my favorites, but it is up-and-coming and only has a few issues so far.

everything in there is also tagged with a link that takes you to where you can buy what's in there. SUPER SUPER HELPFUL, no?

now don't be fooled -- there are editorials aplenty, and even a 'gentlemen's quarters'.

and this issue even has a feature on 'it boy' chris benz! 

what's not to love? i'll tell you - nothing.

...dear god. i sound like a bad rogaine ad.



i know i mentioned my latest role as ariel the sprite/spirit/fairy in the tempest. it's only for a few scenes for a bardathon (google it), but i'm very excited nonetheless. i'm trying to be more like ariel, and i'm very inspired by the ballet for this role. one of my favorite ballets in particular: giselle. giselle tells the story of a maiden killed whilst in love, and then a group of desolate female spirits called wilis, who all died heartbroken,  try to induct her. the wilis and the general ethereal feel of the ballet just enchant me and make me feel airy and delicate.

giselle, tulle, pearls, arched spines, and everything in black and white make me feel all divine.







i would just like to say that i began writing this yesterday but i promptly fell asleep. so it's late, but not really.


we're only a few days in, but i really am hoping that march will keep going well.
i landed a coveted part today (ariel in the tempest; shakespeare) and i couldn't be more thrilled. otherewise, things aren't too great but that's okay, i can dream.

i decided this a long time ago, but i'm dubbing march (maga)zine march. i will be sharing with you guys on fridays, not a few to follow, but a few to read.


let's add to the alliteration: maddie and missfits. and courtney too but her name doesn't alliterate.

missfits: the quarterly lovechild of two of my absolute favorite bloggers and their fantastic feminism and thoughts (can you tell i really am into alliteration today?)

on tuesday, the second issue of this lovely magazine came out. it's art themed, features the guerilla girls, gemma correll (whose drawings i truly adore), lisa lala, rebecca artemisa from septembear but who recently moved to adventurous hibernation, and the issue simply is divine.

"We are the alternative; We are a feminist fashion magazine that focuses not only on haute couture, but empowerment. We are an open collaboration of young women. We are the nonconformists. We are Missfits."

(you can't 'click to read' because these are screenshots. i could've embedded the issue here but since it's not the fruits of my labour, i didn't want to.)

go read it. and eagerly await the next issue in june.