this is not a filler post.

or is it?

a few days ago my laptop charger died. just died. stopped working. i promptly bought a new one online - along with my very own copy of perks of being a wallflower - but neither will come in the mail until about wednesday. until then, it's nearly impossible to post. i have my whole collections of virtual moodboards and lists on my laptop, which is dead. so, while i can't post outfits because of lack of tripod (WESTON.), and i can't post inspiration or otherwise for lack of my own digital notebook.

something else i noticed today: i start far too many projects at once. oh well.

right now i'm working on trying to update the ol' blog a little bit (new colour scheme, new banner), make a  button (requested by the effervescent and ever-lovely Amber Rose), a giveaway, a few tv series (also trapped on the laptop ), and countless books.

so, for the week or so, i'll leave you with an odd photo of my latest literary endeavors.

from top to bottom: dante's inferno, the complete literary works of franz kafka, the bell jar, tales of suspense by edgar allen poe (the most beautiful binding and cover on it, a lovely skull on the front), and a very well loved lolita i picked up from richmond's best used book shop, chop suey.

i hope to return to posting possibly tomorrow -- there's this thing called all/alt prom created by rosmy. it's an lgbt-friendly prom, but the theme is... CARNIVAL! i can't wait to show you my dress.


fame hooker

it's funny; i used to hate Richmond. i think it was the idea of being stuck exactly where i was in that tiny school in that tiny area of the city forever that i truly hated. then i saw the real city.

i've posted a lot lately about the wonders of this city, and how i love it so. i am probably almost done singing its praises, but here's one more post about Richmond, to distract you all from the fact that Weston dear still has my tripod, and so those rare outfit posts are undoable at the moment -- i was 100% positive i was doing one today, but without the tripod... risky business. so here's a post about graffiti.

Richmond has some of the most amazing street artists. I can't understand why it's illegal or 'vandalism' to create this art on public property. stupid government.

 my absolute favorite. it's huge and the detail is simply stunning. not to mention a little morbid, which i, of course, love.

i don't get who it is supposed to be, but its stunning either way. my favorite thing is the rainbow sticker eyes. 

another wonderful skeleton, this time with a nice damask pattern.

Some of the sayings scrawled on walls here are the wisest things i've ever heard. Everyone can use a little spontaneous wisdom now and then...

i swear there are more amazing things than these shown but this is all i took snaps of. oh well. come see it yourself!


real, non-filler posts later. and when Weston returns my tripod, outfits. outfits galore.



ursa major, just monk3y, fos

i'm rotten and full of empty promises, so to continue my tradition of such, here's yesterday's follow friday post:

i've never been a tumblr fan. to me, tumblr isn't real blogging. almost everyone has a tumblr, but none of it is original content. it's posting and reposting stuff you like that other people made. which doesn't bother me, but it bothers me that some people consider than completely legitimate blogging. no, honey, that's reblogging. i don't want to offend anyone, just my personal views. i love sharing other people's wonderful stuff as much as the next person, but then some people go as far to say that that's their own collage of thing, and that that is original.

that i don't buy, even though before a few days ago i'd never even been on tumblr. but then i discovered a few of the most beautiful tumblrs known to man/me. they are wonderful for inspiration. i've found so many beautiful images that i have since tucked away into my virtual notebooks.

my few to look at are definitely ursa major, just monk3y, and fos.

here is one of the mini collections i've put together:



(by sarah lownes)






i bought a bunch of glass jars at target the other day. they're just fun to look at.


urban explorers

my dear friend and tumblr blogger weston and i decided to go to hollywood cemetery and have a photoshoot. but that never happened because we went here instead. there aren't many good pictures here because he was shooting with his nikon film camera (i want to say 35 mm?) so he has all the great shots. it was so nifty but dark and damp. in order to see in some of the chambers we took digital photos to see for 3 seconds thanks to the flash. there were large holes in the floors, and many many hobo beds were found. in the best spot my camera decided to shoot blue pictures, and i have no clue why. sorry about that.

this place is perfect for art shots.. if only i had a dslr or even a film camera. i think i'm going to buy myself a polaroid soon though, hah.


things i learned yesterday:
* i need a better camera
* wear thicker shoes
* do not wear a skirt
* bring a flashlight
*bring a pocketknife
*bring bolt cutters, possibly. barbed wire is a bitch.

"no one can open the seeds in the heart of your dreams", i think more or less.


pulp fiction


i think i want to dye my hair again. for the while, i want to go black. with my hair cut the way i cut it, if it's black it's a perfect match for mia from one of my favorites, pulp fiction. fuck yeah, mia. now i get to smoke and overdose on cocaine, then get stabbed in the heart with an adrenaline needle.

after i grow it out more, i'm going pastel - whether it be pink, lilac, teal or gray.


blue hair pictures




spring bada-bing

i went to richmond's biggest craft fair today: spring bada bing.

part of my favorite display (corey marie).

this one lady makes these journals and clocks and other awesome things like jewelry from repurposed records, game boards, etc.

my haul! a cameo ring, a phototile of a ferris wheel necklace, a cassette tape pin made of old buttons and vintage book covers, a copper pipe ring, and a cute free calendar!

i also got these from a lovely lady named corey marie. i got a paper pack, which is like 50 different sheets of 3 x 4 paper pieces (perfect for collages), a cute kit (i'm not completely sure what's in it, saving it for a cute emergency!), and this art journal. it has a mouse on it, and each page is a different kind of paper.

etsy reps were there, passing out free mini bunting sheets from spoonflower. so very very cute.

later i treated myself to some cute chocolates. i love the edible gold dust heart.


outfit tomorrow. fo'sho.



an afternoon with picasso

"give me a museum and i'll fill it."

the virginia museum of fine arts currently is housing the traveling picasso exhibit from the musee national picasso from paris. it houses many very famous pieces, and is under high security -- you're not allowed to bring in a camera or a ballpoint pen. it's splendid - it's stunning. i went as a field trip for school and they limited my enjoyment to one hour, but it's here until may 15. you can bet that i'm going back. and probably going this week. to sketch some more. the bottom right page is my favorite of mine.. i think it's dora maar's eye that did it. 


i have a lot of posts to make up, don't i? i don't very well want to post them all at once though. but they exist - don't fret.



for amber rose

this post is for amber rose.


only a fool loves death

"i gave myself to death a long time ago."

"death longs for the same rites for all."

"once an enemy, never a friend. not even after death."

"if love you must - love the dead!"

"harbour of death... why me? why are you killing me? ...i died once, you kill me again and again."

"even the bravest will cut and run once they see death coming for their lives."

all quotes from antigone.


enabled comments again. it was a passing fancy.