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it's funny; i used to hate Richmond. i think it was the idea of being stuck exactly where i was in that tiny school in that tiny area of the city forever that i truly hated. then i saw the real city.

i've posted a lot lately about the wonders of this city, and how i love it so. i am probably almost done singing its praises, but here's one more post about Richmond, to distract you all from the fact that Weston dear still has my tripod, and so those rare outfit posts are undoable at the moment -- i was 100% positive i was doing one today, but without the tripod... risky business. so here's a post about graffiti.

Richmond has some of the most amazing street artists. I can't understand why it's illegal or 'vandalism' to create this art on public property. stupid government.

 my absolute favorite. it's huge and the detail is simply stunning. not to mention a little morbid, which i, of course, love.

i don't get who it is supposed to be, but its stunning either way. my favorite thing is the rainbow sticker eyes. 

another wonderful skeleton, this time with a nice damask pattern.

Some of the sayings scrawled on walls here are the wisest things i've ever heard. Everyone can use a little spontaneous wisdom now and then...

i swear there are more amazing things than these shown but this is all i took snaps of. oh well. come see it yourself!


real, non-filler posts later. and when Weston returns my tripod, outfits. outfits galore.



  1. Hahah! Spontaneous wisdom, I love it! I have never gotten why this is categorized as vandalism, graffiti is almost always a work of art!


  2. Wow, they are really beautiful. In Oxford most of ours is political slogans and stuff - nothing like the art here, though!

  3. Wow the skeleton that looks like it's praying is def my favorite picture. These are all so nice. Richmond definitely has beautiful graffiti. :)

  4. Uhhh love Richmond and love graffiti! Have never noticed it there before, will look harder next time :)


  5. Wow, I really like the one that is your favourite! So cool! I reallly like graffiti (when it's done right!)


  6. love stumbling across street art, it's so gritty and raw

  7. great post! i love the art


  8. great post great post, loving it.! I'm following.


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