crazy pig

returning to follow/feature fridays -- they are probably more popular than my normal posts haha.
today for you i only have one lady, and that lady would be crazy pig. she goes by nothing else but crazy pig. crazy pig is a brilliant, stylish girl from prague. she does everything from diys, her own drawings, shoots, outfits, to even just photos of what's going on in her life. she's so pretty.. reminds me a little of my best friend kate. it must be the facial shape? they're both quite beautiful. 


here's kate. isn't she beautiful? it's a little torture to be around her all the time because of her extreme beauty and modeling potential. she should model. but i love her, so i deal.



  1. I love your who to follow posts so much Kat, you always find such amazing people with great style. True inspirations!
    BTW, I for one love your other posts too!

    Blogger has only just shown me your comments, it's being silly. Thank you so much dear, you're by far the nicest blogger I've met! (well you know, virtually)

    I hope you're well and enjoying the sunshine!

  2. Thank you!

    Oh ok, but it is just showing me comments from February too, so perhaps it is being a tad lame?

    I think blogger should get a better commenting system so we can reply much more easily!


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