this is not a filler post.

or is it?

a few days ago my laptop charger died. just died. stopped working. i promptly bought a new one online - along with my very own copy of perks of being a wallflower - but neither will come in the mail until about wednesday. until then, it's nearly impossible to post. i have my whole collections of virtual moodboards and lists on my laptop, which is dead. so, while i can't post outfits because of lack of tripod (WESTON.), and i can't post inspiration or otherwise for lack of my own digital notebook.

something else i noticed today: i start far too many projects at once. oh well.

right now i'm working on trying to update the ol' blog a little bit (new colour scheme, new banner), make a  button (requested by the effervescent and ever-lovely Amber Rose), a giveaway, a few tv series (also trapped on the laptop ), and countless books.

so, for the week or so, i'll leave you with an odd photo of my latest literary endeavors.

from top to bottom: dante's inferno, the complete literary works of franz kafka, the bell jar, tales of suspense by edgar allen poe (the most beautiful binding and cover on it, a lovely skull on the front), and a very well loved lolita i picked up from richmond's best used book shop, chop suey.

i hope to return to posting possibly tomorrow -- there's this thing called all/alt prom created by rosmy. it's an lgbt-friendly prom, but the theme is... CARNIVAL! i can't wait to show you my dress.


  1. You are a peach, and let me know what you think of the book when it arrives. I've yet to read it!!

    Can't wait to see your updated color scheme and blogger button, love. xo

  2. Sorry about your laptop.
    Can't wait to see the posts you have planned.

  3. That sounds quite awesome...especially the carnival theme! Reminds me of that episode of Dawson's Creek when they did an alt prom (though that's way back...hehe. Can't wait to see your dress:)
    Sorry about your laptop charger. That's always a bummer:(


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