an afternoon with picasso

"give me a museum and i'll fill it."

the virginia museum of fine arts currently is housing the traveling picasso exhibit from the musee national picasso from paris. it houses many very famous pieces, and is under high security -- you're not allowed to bring in a camera or a ballpoint pen. it's splendid - it's stunning. i went as a field trip for school and they limited my enjoyment to one hour, but it's here until may 15. you can bet that i'm going back. and probably going this week. to sketch some more. the bottom right page is my favorite of mine.. i think it's dora maar's eye that did it. 


i have a lot of posts to make up, don't i? i don't very well want to post them all at once though. but they exist - don't fret.



  1. Love these sketches! Sounds like a great exhibition :) Thanks for entering my giveaway by the way- was worried no one would enter hehe, so means a lot!


  2. Wow- that's really exciting to see an exhibit like this! And your sketches are awesome! Honestly, at first, I thought you'd taken pics of Picasso's actual sketch book or something, and I thought to myself "Woah.. the cherry on top of the sunday!" It's so inspiring to see the work of inspired people like Picasso.

    Hehe- I'm glad you're enjoying the lippy! I'm really into it these days! I just bought the most gorgeous hot pink from MAC in a new collection of theirs. I *literally* spotted it from across the store. That color is like a magnet!!

  3. Oh I wish I could go! Picasso is such an inspiring artist.


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