spring bada-bing

i went to richmond's biggest craft fair today: spring bada bing.

part of my favorite display (corey marie).

this one lady makes these journals and clocks and other awesome things like jewelry from repurposed records, game boards, etc.

my haul! a cameo ring, a phototile of a ferris wheel necklace, a cassette tape pin made of old buttons and vintage book covers, a copper pipe ring, and a cute free calendar!

i also got these from a lovely lady named corey marie. i got a paper pack, which is like 50 different sheets of 3 x 4 paper pieces (perfect for collages), a cute kit (i'm not completely sure what's in it, saving it for a cute emergency!), and this art journal. it has a mouse on it, and each page is a different kind of paper.

etsy reps were there, passing out free mini bunting sheets from spoonflower. so very very cute.

later i treated myself to some cute chocolates. i love the edible gold dust heart.


outfit tomorrow. fo'sho.


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  1. What cool stuff, I wish I could have gone with you. I had no idea there was such a thing as edible gold, that's freaking sweet!


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