to diy for

i have a quick diy for you all today -- shocking, no?  i haven't done any diys in forever..

i decoupaged some  old antique book pages from a ripped up copy of jane eyre i found in a vintage shop. it killed me a little to have to remove pages from such a splendid book but it did my heart good to see it repurposed -- and this way i see them every day.

materials: mod podge, old book pages, clothes-pins, paint brush, scissors (not shown)

1. use a pencil to trace around the clothespins to have the basic size down. cut them -- but cut them smaller than you think you should.

2. mod podge the surface of the clothespins, then press on the sliver of page.  afterwards paint mod podge on top of it to glaze it.

3. finished? no. use them!


i've decided to disable comments for a while. i'm a little tired of just the publicity people try to attract with comments -- i.e. "lovely pics... HEY come check out my giveaway!!!!!" and just the generic comments.. if you like what i post that's so wonderful, thanks! feel free to follow or favorite or anything. i just want you all to like me for my content. not necessarily because it's easy for me to facilitate your content for you subconciously.

thanks loves.

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