urban explorers

my dear friend and tumblr blogger weston and i decided to go to hollywood cemetery and have a photoshoot. but that never happened because we went here instead. there aren't many good pictures here because he was shooting with his nikon film camera (i want to say 35 mm?) so he has all the great shots. it was so nifty but dark and damp. in order to see in some of the chambers we took digital photos to see for 3 seconds thanks to the flash. there were large holes in the floors, and many many hobo beds were found. in the best spot my camera decided to shoot blue pictures, and i have no clue why. sorry about that.

this place is perfect for art shots.. if only i had a dslr or even a film camera. i think i'm going to buy myself a polaroid soon though, hah.


things i learned yesterday:
* i need a better camera
* wear thicker shoes
* do not wear a skirt
* bring a flashlight
*bring a pocketknife
*bring bolt cutters, possibly. barbed wire is a bitch.

"no one can open the seeds in the heart of your dreams", i think more or less.


  1. Wow, this looks like an amazing place to shoot! ..If a little scary. I know how you feel about wanting a new camera though!

  2. Amazing shots! looks like a cool place to explore :)


  3. Wearing thicker shoes is excellent advice and something I should take to heart myself. Sounds like quite the adventurous day!

  4. Wow! You are a great photographer. Thank you a thousand times for your comment. It was no doubt one of the sweetest and nicest I have ever gotten!

    Do you reccomend any style journals?

  5. These photos are awesome!!! I love that second one especially. I'm really getting into trying to learn more about film because it just brings something so deliciously organic and rustic to photos. I was actually just thinking yesterday how it's so great that film is all the rage now, and how I hope it isn't just a passing trend (even though it is "trendy"). Lol- it's so funny, I was going to write about this in one of my next posts xD

    Thank you for saying my grandma is pretty ^-^ That is so sweet of you!! And actually, you gave me the idea for my lippy photo- I thought to myself, Kat always asks great questions about the lippy, I'm gonna feature it!! :P x

  6. This place is incredible, I love the 4th and 8th shot in particular. So this place was just abondoned and left? That's so sweet, I wish my town had cool old buildings like this.
    Yet ANOTHER reason why I wish I lived somewhere more interesting. :)

  7. beautiful pictures, katie!! especially the third from the bottom:)


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