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A little late today, but i spent last night and today with a close friend, Carson, and when i got home i fell asleep. 

This week's ladies...

1) ps of fashion bong
i don't know what her name really is or what she does for a living, but somehow she is making the money for balmain, mcqueen, and various extravagant designers. whatever her life is i want it. amazing dresses, even more amazing shoes.. yes please.

2) angel of animatronika
she looks like an old friend of mine (beautiful), and she can sew up a storm. she wears a lot of her creations and i have to say they're very good. you'd think they were storebought. although it's not a sewing blog, per say, it's a style blog. i think she looks like those amazingly stylish european supermodels (she's polish). and she likes lykke li. 

3) alissia of a.a.
this is a darling french photography blog, and her fanbase is relatively small to my surprise. her photos have depth and beauty and are very well composed (i like to think i know something about photography.. a.k.a i don't). she takes pictures of the places she goes and she goes to beautiful places.. perhaps more than anything, they are just interesting, but she does have style and dabbles in diy. 

(i couldn't pick just three of her images)

posted at 12:08 a.m. damn. i missed friday by 9 minutes. 

REMINDER & DISCLAIMER: if anybody wants me to remove their images, just shoot me an email and i'll happily take them down! images are property of the respective bloggers.


recent diys

it's a little funny to think this started as a craft/sewing blog. i had a bunch of features on cut out and keep so i made accoudrements.. 

thought i'd go back to its roots with a little diy-roundup of what i've made more recently.

bleached sleeve dress; lame-esque elastic skirt; pleated floral skirt w/exposed zipper; painted-stripe suedeish booties.

the denim dress and the shoes are thrifted (both from rumours, i think.) i loved the shoes ($5) but they seemed plain so i added a racing stripe on the exterior side of each one. tape & fabric paint.

that's all, folks!

p.s. it's so horribly miserable out. the midwest is all 'it's sooo hot!' but here in virginia we've got 100*+ temperatures. daily. no offense to any midwesterners. that's also why the silver skirt seems so goddamn shiny. it's not that shiny; it's like a matte gunmetal.


back to black

i really wasn't going to mention Amy Winehouse's death in detail here, but i'm really upset. not only did we lose an amazing, if troubled, singer, people are just being extremely ignorant and disrespectful. i'm not one to campaign around, but i couldn't let this slide.

just yesterday, Amy Winehouse died of unexplained causes. after years of addiction, substance abuse, health issues and mental illness, she had still climbed the ranks of gifted performers and earned her own place near the top. she was famous. she was infamous. 
ever since she came into the public eye, there have been whispered slurs, plenty of gossip, and media jabs. society is quick to put down anyone with a history of drug use and especially mental illness. mental illness is something very dear to me no matter how severe or painful it is to me. people cite Winehouse as crazy, of having poor impulse control, and was voted the second most hated person in the UK. i think that's just not fair.

we live in an age where if you have the eensiest bit of talent the paparazzi stalk your every move. so think about if you had, say, depression, an eating disorder, self-harm issues, poor lungs, an irregular heartbeat, a little emphysema, a dick of an addict for an ex-husband, and addiction issues. a lot of shit to deal with, right? now imagine the paparazzi is publicizing all of your personal matters either in relation to those problems or not, and twisting the truth as they always do. then there is the general public and/or society making rash judgements. there is a lot of problems on her checklist that are things that aren't her fault. yes, addiction does come from substance abuse, and although there is a percentage of people who do drugs for the hell of it, there is an even larger portion who use it to dull the pain. it has pretty much been established that her substance abuse problems occurred after the death of her grandmother, who was a large influence to her. i'm not condoning drug use, but i can easily see why so many people turn to it. and her drinking? - i don't know a soul alive who doesn't drink. again, even though alcohol is a depressive, it dulls a little pain. 
i don't think it's fair to generalize about her substance abuse - she checked into rehab, didn't she? numerous times. it worked for a while, but the important part is she tried. she really did. she had a hell of a life, and that can explain her social interactions with press, police, and those with the easy life (i.e. spitting at Pippa Midleton. i actually am  fine with that. she's a socialite from a rich family. i often think of doing the same.. i mean i'm jumping to conclusions of people's personal lives but really... haven't you? they say there's always someone who has it worse than you.. well there's always someone who has it better, too.) she's been tortured by society - how would you respond? it has to be incredibly frustrating. 

appearance? i think she is very beautiful. often disheveled, i can see why people think she isn't.. but i think she looks absolutely stunning in the back to black video - a video perfectly appropriate for her death, it's almost ironic/scary. i do love heavy cat eye liner and a monroe piercing. the beehive i could do without, but hey, it's her hair.
not only that, but she became a style icon - karl lagerfeld thought she was wonderful. karl lagerfeld. if karl lagerfeld says something about style, you know it's true. if she's a muse for the head designer of Chanel, there's got to be something good about her look. and she had a great look. people considered it unusual and some say just terrible, but honestly i loved it. Gaga has even said that Winehouse made it easier for unconventional women to rise up as musical sensations - and we all know Gaga is the queen of unconventional style.  not to mention Amy Winehouse pioneered a path for a lot of UK artists.

i'm getting to the point where i ramble again.. i just wanted to address this.

thanks for reading.

ps. you all should join pneumonia white in wearing white for amy. details here.



i went a little crazy in the magazine section of Barnes &Noble a while ago - i spent about $30 on two magazines: BULLETT and Vogue Gioiello (a derivative of Vogue Italia focused on the craftmanship and beauty of fine jewelry -- it's breathtaking. i'll write about it later.). I'd never heard of  or read BULLETT before, but lo and behold, it is one of the best magazines i have ever read. it had everything - fashion editorials, interviews with Henry Holland and Johan Lindeberg of BLK DNM, budding actor interviews and spreads, a detailed article on Synesthesia (a friend of mine has it, it's very interesting and has to do with relating senses to colors), travel articles, poetry, and features on musicians you love and musicians you haven't seen in years or have never heard of.

honestly the editorials in this magazine are some of the most breathtaking ones i've seen in years. each one is a pleasure to the eyes. it's art. and one of them features a ...stunning... male model. 

the reason you've never heard of it? the issue in my picture is only it's second issue. it's a quarterly magazine, and it's very thick (more than 300 pages). their third issue, 'the golden issue',  is actually out now, and when i get a little cash, you bet i'm forkin' up $10 for it.

just  peek. these editorials aren't available on the internet (as far as i know, i looked around). i had to hand scan these; that's why the quality is shit. you really have to buy the physical magazines to see them. they're really something. you can subscribe on their website, and the website is full of interesting articles and editorials completely separate from the magazine. 2x the goodies. it's divine. it's a magazine everyone can enjoy.. it's just so diverse, well written, and plain interesting.

soundtrack practically pulled from the magazine:
Raphael Saadiq is my personal favorite. he oozes 60's doo-wop. i love it to death.


blackberry jam

i've never really done this before but i actually like to cook a lot. i know i posted about food blogs a while ago, but i spend my fair share of time in the kitchen. i found the prettiest blackberries at the grocery the other day and i had to make something out of them!

1) get your berries together -- you can use this recipe with most any berry. 
2) to mush mine up, lately i've been using a nut chopper. it works really really well. you can use a fork in a bowl if you'd rather, or a food processor if you have one.

3) pour your berry mixture into a sauce pan, and depending on how much of the berry mixture you have, add anywhere from 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup of sugar. it doesn't really matter what kind, but i used organic crystals or something or other.

4) add a splash of lemon juice, and boil on medium heat for about 25 minutes. 
5) store and refrigerate for use in a few hours or the next day. 

i used mine the next day on waffles. it was really really good.



half light

once upon a time there was a little girl. this little girl wanted a lot of things, but one of the prettiest things she ever wanted was a certain Lanvin for H&M dress. not only were the dresses exorbitantly beautiful and renowned, they quickly sold out and were unavailable to purchase. the dresses  were scarce, but very expensive. she clipped clippings of the dress from magazines, and stared at them in awe. this poor little girl would never have her dress.


one blogger posted about a dress - forty dollars in price, and only a few mouseclicks away. the girl instantly recognized her dress, and although not identical, it would do just fine.

yes, this is a blatant knockoff. yes, it was more than 90% cheaper. yes, i bought it. yes, now i'm broke again. i think i'm going to go buy myself a longer ribbon though..

obviously my cheesy duplication of the original photo isn't very good (i have much more eyebrows and a shorter dress) but oh well. i actually got this dress about a month ago, but i have been so delayed in posting.  anyway the point is that i'm absolutely smitten with this dress. it's from chicwish. it's absolutely perfect for any occasion. i actually was wearing it when i was last admitted to the hospital, heehee. 


funny story about these heels.. they appear in many of my posts; they're my to-go heels. yesterday i was at work (firehouse theatre, a local theatre venue. technically a volunteer position but i'm there every night of every weekend and have been for almost a year so i'm considering it a real job at this point. just no pay.) and when the house isn't open to viewers yet, we put a low chain across the doorway. i'm used to it. i step over it all the time. i step over this time, and my heel gets caught in the chain. i faceplant in front of the largest cast we've ever had. skirt up and everything. i step up and an older man comes over, asks me if i'm alright, and says, 'that was dramatic.'. i look up to see about thirty people staring at me. ...oooh..

so that was one of the most embarrassing things to ever happen to me.


 maybe i should  stop talking in third person.. (see: top of this post)


we have youth, love aesthetics, pneumonia white

follow friday returns! i kind of forgot about it; got a little vain and selfish over here i guess.

as always, three lovely ladies you might have never heard of. i look to these three and don't understand why they don't have billions of followers. i was actually taken aback when i discovered how many each had. it's not like they have 3 a piece but i still think they are too amazing to not have that much exposure..

1) Marina of we have youth

delicate winter 6RRFG

lone wolf lost


both of these are hers, and the first one is actually a self portrait (for lack of a better word).  the second is just an amazing photo. the last is something i think is the most intriguing edit ever.. it is probably one of my favorite images ever. besides joseph gordon levitt in lingerie. i can't describe marina. she intrigues me. and i guess i'd have to classify her blog as an innovative photography blog? i don't know.

2) Ivania from LOVE AESTHETICS


she's beautiful. she has gray hair. she's fucking brilliant. she makes rings out of sewer pipes, ties a tee into a skirt in seconds, turns a strapless bra into a t strap, and performed a 30 day experiment on the lasting quality of one of H&M's new 'eco-friendly' tank dresses (it didn't hold up so well.). not to mention she's beautiful. i want to be her. i want her hair. her tattoo. her closet. her  genius. her blog. her. she has quickly become one of my most favorite people in the blogosphere. she's not very UNknown but too bad. did i mention she has a penchant for zana bayne? swoon. on a side note, i don't think zana bayne will ever know how much i obsess over her harnesses. when i see them on people or in magazines i point, let my mouth fall to the floor, and freeze.

i'm borderline psychotic.

3) pneumonia white of pneumonia white

in all honesty i can not understand her. i never will. i don't always know what she means or is saying. i'll never know who she is or what her eyes look like. her blog is more of a story or poetry or quips of her thoughts, even twisted ones. it's more like art. performance art. but there are a few things i know for sure: she has a counterpart. as sure as there is a pneumonia white there is a pneumonia black. are they separate people? she seems to think so, citing her as the love of her life, but one that comes in and out as she pleases. pneumonia black is more poetry (not the right word but all i can think of) than photos. white likes masks. white finds solace in pretty things. and the last thing i know is that she reminds me of this:



bad kids

there are days i just want to be trashy. i just want to wear leather and fishnets and lots of eyeliner and patent leather heels. i want to feel more badass than i am. i guess it's pretending.. does anyone else ever feel like that? i want to wear this in public (fishnets, huge heels, little to no jewelry, dark purple lipstick, a black bandeau, and my leather jacket, leatherette high waisted shorts) but i know my mother would never let me out of the house.

i think i'm going to start adding soundtracks to my posts, since the names of them are always from songs anyways.

i feel like my outfit would be complete with a cigarette. i really love the look of smoking, and however bad it smells, it tastes good. bah humbug. it's just parisian and sexy and i don't know. 


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i guess this is typical angsty teenage something post.
i apologize if this is a completely  new side to those who don't know me well. i kind of created a lady-like image and i still am there's just moods, y'know? i get them frequently, actually.