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follow friday returns! i kind of forgot about it; got a little vain and selfish over here i guess.

as always, three lovely ladies you might have never heard of. i look to these three and don't understand why they don't have billions of followers. i was actually taken aback when i discovered how many each had. it's not like they have 3 a piece but i still think they are too amazing to not have that much exposure..

1) Marina of we have youth

delicate winter 6RRFG

lone wolf lost


both of these are hers, and the first one is actually a self portrait (for lack of a better word).  the second is just an amazing photo. the last is something i think is the most intriguing edit ever.. it is probably one of my favorite images ever. besides joseph gordon levitt in lingerie. i can't describe marina. she intrigues me. and i guess i'd have to classify her blog as an innovative photography blog? i don't know.

2) Ivania from LOVE AESTHETICS


she's beautiful. she has gray hair. she's fucking brilliant. she makes rings out of sewer pipes, ties a tee into a skirt in seconds, turns a strapless bra into a t strap, and performed a 30 day experiment on the lasting quality of one of H&M's new 'eco-friendly' tank dresses (it didn't hold up so well.). not to mention she's beautiful. i want to be her. i want her hair. her tattoo. her closet. her  genius. her blog. her. she has quickly become one of my most favorite people in the blogosphere. she's not very UNknown but too bad. did i mention she has a penchant for zana bayne? swoon. on a side note, i don't think zana bayne will ever know how much i obsess over her harnesses. when i see them on people or in magazines i point, let my mouth fall to the floor, and freeze.

i'm borderline psychotic.

3) pneumonia white of pneumonia white

in all honesty i can not understand her. i never will. i don't always know what she means or is saying. i'll never know who she is or what her eyes look like. her blog is more of a story or poetry or quips of her thoughts, even twisted ones. it's more like art. performance art. but there are a few things i know for sure: she has a counterpart. as sure as there is a pneumonia white there is a pneumonia black. are they separate people? she seems to think so, citing her as the love of her life, but one that comes in and out as she pleases. pneumonia black is more poetry (not the right word but all i can think of) than photos. white likes masks. white finds solace in pretty things. and the last thing i know is that she reminds me of this:



  1. Totally in love with those pictures. We love those gold rings along with the white nails. Makes a perfect combination, don't you think?
    Best wishes ♫

    Midnight Couture Girls

  2. hey :) i haven't visited your blog in a while.. it's looking great! fucking love ivanias blog too xx opinionslave
    / twitter: @opinionslave

  3. very cool pics :)

  4. Ahh, i love these blogs too! Such a great selection of photos :D love it!

  5. ivania and pneumonia white are two of my favorite blogs right now. they are both the kind of blogs that are just so intriguing, you could read through their archives for days. excellent picks.

  6. Ah I love your follow friday posts, always discover something great! I especially love 'Love Aesthetics' gorgeous!


  7. Such a simple and amazing blog. Keep up the good work :)



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