i went a little crazy in the magazine section of Barnes &Noble a while ago - i spent about $30 on two magazines: BULLETT and Vogue Gioiello (a derivative of Vogue Italia focused on the craftmanship and beauty of fine jewelry -- it's breathtaking. i'll write about it later.). I'd never heard of  or read BULLETT before, but lo and behold, it is one of the best magazines i have ever read. it had everything - fashion editorials, interviews with Henry Holland and Johan Lindeberg of BLK DNM, budding actor interviews and spreads, a detailed article on Synesthesia (a friend of mine has it, it's very interesting and has to do with relating senses to colors), travel articles, poetry, and features on musicians you love and musicians you haven't seen in years or have never heard of.

honestly the editorials in this magazine are some of the most breathtaking ones i've seen in years. each one is a pleasure to the eyes. it's art. and one of them features a ...stunning... male model. 

the reason you've never heard of it? the issue in my picture is only it's second issue. it's a quarterly magazine, and it's very thick (more than 300 pages). their third issue, 'the golden issue',  is actually out now, and when i get a little cash, you bet i'm forkin' up $10 for it.

just  peek. these editorials aren't available on the internet (as far as i know, i looked around). i had to hand scan these; that's why the quality is shit. you really have to buy the physical magazines to see them. they're really something. you can subscribe on their website, and the website is full of interesting articles and editorials completely separate from the magazine. 2x the goodies. it's divine. it's a magazine everyone can enjoy.. it's just so diverse, well written, and plain interesting.

soundtrack practically pulled from the magazine:
Raphael Saadiq is my personal favorite. he oozes 60's doo-wop. i love it to death.


  1. Have heard a little about this magazine, it looks/sounds amazing! These pictures are all lush.

  2. Hey !
    Sometimes I go a little too crazy on the magazines, but they all look so good, it's like they're calling my name :)
    Bullett looks like a awesome mag.

    I live in Brazil, the land with no blackberries, hehehe.

  3. Hey Kat! Your blog is looking awesome!!!! No seriously, it is. I love what you're doing with it- I really love that post where you're wearing the straw boater hat and sitting on the swing.

    Glad to see there is another B&N mag stalker such as myself. I go there practically every day when I'm in the US and just browse through the mags 1-10 times each month. Bullett.. I've never heard of it, but it really attracts me- it looks like Nylon for adults or something. I'm gonna have to keep my eye out for it! xxxxx

  4. This post is lovely! wow amazing magazine :)

  5. I haven't picked up this mag yet but I've heard quite a bit about it lately...everyone seems to love it! I'll definitely have to go look for a copy.

    xox Courtney Michele
    Breakfast in Wonderland

  6. amazing images.. haven't seen that mag yet.. looks awesome.. stay cool!


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