half light

once upon a time there was a little girl. this little girl wanted a lot of things, but one of the prettiest things she ever wanted was a certain Lanvin for H&M dress. not only were the dresses exorbitantly beautiful and renowned, they quickly sold out and were unavailable to purchase. the dresses  were scarce, but very expensive. she clipped clippings of the dress from magazines, and stared at them in awe. this poor little girl would never have her dress.


one blogger posted about a dress - forty dollars in price, and only a few mouseclicks away. the girl instantly recognized her dress, and although not identical, it would do just fine.

yes, this is a blatant knockoff. yes, it was more than 90% cheaper. yes, i bought it. yes, now i'm broke again. i think i'm going to go buy myself a longer ribbon though..

obviously my cheesy duplication of the original photo isn't very good (i have much more eyebrows and a shorter dress) but oh well. i actually got this dress about a month ago, but i have been so delayed in posting.  anyway the point is that i'm absolutely smitten with this dress. it's from chicwish. it's absolutely perfect for any occasion. i actually was wearing it when i was last admitted to the hospital, heehee. 


funny story about these heels.. they appear in many of my posts; they're my to-go heels. yesterday i was at work (firehouse theatre, a local theatre venue. technically a volunteer position but i'm there every night of every weekend and have been for almost a year so i'm considering it a real job at this point. just no pay.) and when the house isn't open to viewers yet, we put a low chain across the doorway. i'm used to it. i step over it all the time. i step over this time, and my heel gets caught in the chain. i faceplant in front of the largest cast we've ever had. skirt up and everything. i step up and an older man comes over, asks me if i'm alright, and says, 'that was dramatic.'. i look up to see about thirty people staring at me. ...oooh..

so that was one of the most embarrassing things to ever happen to me.


 maybe i should  stop talking in third person.. (see: top of this post)


  1. OMG you got a lanvin for h&m.
    also it fits you so well <3

  2. Goodness, you are so lucky! It is such a beautiful dress - I love the colour you got too!

    Lost in the Haze

  3. wow,beautiful :))


  4. oh gosh... what panties were you wearing when you fell????? :P

    i prefer your dress! it's cuter because it's shorter! (yes, get a longer ribbon :P)

  5. aw that's awesome! you look absolutely BEAUTIFUL in this dress!

  6. best dress ever, and you wear it even better than the model.

    you're a dream.

  7. honey you speank spanish. So... would you be agree if we talk in spanish :D?
    Ni noté que era imitación, está igualmente bellísimo y lo luces a la perfección! :)

  8. Seriously, give me this dress. IT'S AMAZING.
    Excuse me while I wipe the drool off my keyboard.
    (Not really. That would be nasty.)

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  9. i beg to differ! i think you're doing quite a lovely duplication indeed (although i think you're right about the longer ribbon!) i've had items like this that i've stalked and it's so nice when you not only get it, but it lives up to how much you've wanted it. this looks perfect on you and i hope you know it.


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