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i really wasn't going to mention Amy Winehouse's death in detail here, but i'm really upset. not only did we lose an amazing, if troubled, singer, people are just being extremely ignorant and disrespectful. i'm not one to campaign around, but i couldn't let this slide.

just yesterday, Amy Winehouse died of unexplained causes. after years of addiction, substance abuse, health issues and mental illness, she had still climbed the ranks of gifted performers and earned her own place near the top. she was famous. she was infamous. 
ever since she came into the public eye, there have been whispered slurs, plenty of gossip, and media jabs. society is quick to put down anyone with a history of drug use and especially mental illness. mental illness is something very dear to me no matter how severe or painful it is to me. people cite Winehouse as crazy, of having poor impulse control, and was voted the second most hated person in the UK. i think that's just not fair.

we live in an age where if you have the eensiest bit of talent the paparazzi stalk your every move. so think about if you had, say, depression, an eating disorder, self-harm issues, poor lungs, an irregular heartbeat, a little emphysema, a dick of an addict for an ex-husband, and addiction issues. a lot of shit to deal with, right? now imagine the paparazzi is publicizing all of your personal matters either in relation to those problems or not, and twisting the truth as they always do. then there is the general public and/or society making rash judgements. there is a lot of problems on her checklist that are things that aren't her fault. yes, addiction does come from substance abuse, and although there is a percentage of people who do drugs for the hell of it, there is an even larger portion who use it to dull the pain. it has pretty much been established that her substance abuse problems occurred after the death of her grandmother, who was a large influence to her. i'm not condoning drug use, but i can easily see why so many people turn to it. and her drinking? - i don't know a soul alive who doesn't drink. again, even though alcohol is a depressive, it dulls a little pain. 
i don't think it's fair to generalize about her substance abuse - she checked into rehab, didn't she? numerous times. it worked for a while, but the important part is she tried. she really did. she had a hell of a life, and that can explain her social interactions with press, police, and those with the easy life (i.e. spitting at Pippa Midleton. i actually am  fine with that. she's a socialite from a rich family. i often think of doing the same.. i mean i'm jumping to conclusions of people's personal lives but really... haven't you? they say there's always someone who has it worse than you.. well there's always someone who has it better, too.) she's been tortured by society - how would you respond? it has to be incredibly frustrating. 

appearance? i think she is very beautiful. often disheveled, i can see why people think she isn't.. but i think she looks absolutely stunning in the back to black video - a video perfectly appropriate for her death, it's almost ironic/scary. i do love heavy cat eye liner and a monroe piercing. the beehive i could do without, but hey, it's her hair.
not only that, but she became a style icon - karl lagerfeld thought she was wonderful. karl lagerfeld. if karl lagerfeld says something about style, you know it's true. if she's a muse for the head designer of Chanel, there's got to be something good about her look. and she had a great look. people considered it unusual and some say just terrible, but honestly i loved it. Gaga has even said that Winehouse made it easier for unconventional women to rise up as musical sensations - and we all know Gaga is the queen of unconventional style.  not to mention Amy Winehouse pioneered a path for a lot of UK artists.

i'm getting to the point where i ramble again.. i just wanted to address this.

thanks for reading.

ps. you all should join pneumonia white in wearing white for amy. details here.


  1. I totally agree with this post. Its so much to deal with and would be difficult for any person. She was under so much pressure. I thought she was incredibly talented and very charming. Such a wonderful woman and a post she would definitely be proud of :0 xxx


  2. Absolutely thank you. I heard via Twitter. It seems like after these sudden deaths people are so quick to make jokes. I find that interesting. And I don't like to judge people, myself. She clearly had issues-who doesn't? &I'm glad I'm not the only one who thought she was beautiful.

  3. Really clever post! I also think that we can't judge famous people just from the first sight... We never know what's hidden besides all these paparazzi shoots and magazine articles.
    Her personality must have been very complicated, and it's not surprising she chose drinking and drugs to treat it. Many people under smaller pressure do the same. We can't know how would we react on her place...
    It's a big loss, I didn't expect it to happen that soon :(

  4. so true.and the death of anyone is sacred, especially someone as talented as she was

    <3 steffy
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  5. So sad, she was so talent :(

    I like your blog, now y follow you

  6. yes, i totally agree. i couldn't help but get a little upset when people said that her death was 'caused by her own doings' or that 'she deserved it'. just because she had a problem with drug and alcohol addiction doesn't mean that she 'deserves' her untimely death. so to people who say that, i ask them if they thought karen carpenter's death was a result of her own doings and if she deserved it as well, since her heart gave way as a result of her anoerxia (from what i learnt from wikipedia).

    but the answer is probably no, right? that's because anorxia nervosa is a psychiatric condition. i would think that an addiction (of any nature) is partly caused by/aggravated by mental disturbances as well. so, the bottomline is, amy winehouse, no matter what she has done, was a victim. even though the real cause of her death is still not confirmed, they should really use this as an example to boost people's awareness of how debilitating an addiction can be, and that it is unfortunate to let their own amazing talents go to waste because of an addiction, like amy winehouse unfortunately did.

    sorry for this long comment. I've never been a big fan of her, but i just want to air my views. i'm glad to have found someone who has the same view. :)

    RIP Amy Winehouse

  7. Great post. I also wish people wouldn't get so downright nasty and say she deserved it. Obviously if she wasn't addicted to certain substances it probably wouldn't have happened, but like you said, she had a lot of shit to deal with. She was a great talent! x

  8. it's really sad , she was really great


  9. I couldn't belive it when I my friend texted me to tell me. It is such a shame, a watse of such talent and life.

    Thank you for your kind comment. My shop is in Bath, but I hope the online shop will be useful for people who read my blog.

    Take care!

  10. yes, i feel the same. unlike most people, i actually admired her. she was amazing <3



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