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A little late today, but i spent last night and today with a close friend, Carson, and when i got home i fell asleep. 

This week's ladies...

1) ps of fashion bong
i don't know what her name really is or what she does for a living, but somehow she is making the money for balmain, mcqueen, and various extravagant designers. whatever her life is i want it. amazing dresses, even more amazing shoes.. yes please.

2) angel of animatronika
she looks like an old friend of mine (beautiful), and she can sew up a storm. she wears a lot of her creations and i have to say they're very good. you'd think they were storebought. although it's not a sewing blog, per say, it's a style blog. i think she looks like those amazingly stylish european supermodels (she's polish). and she likes lykke li. 

3) alissia of a.a.
this is a darling french photography blog, and her fanbase is relatively small to my surprise. her photos have depth and beauty and are very well composed (i like to think i know something about photography.. a.k.a i don't). she takes pictures of the places she goes and she goes to beautiful places.. perhaps more than anything, they are just interesting, but she does have style and dabbles in diy. 

(i couldn't pick just three of her images)

posted at 12:08 a.m. damn. i missed friday by 9 minutes. 

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  1. sure we can turn a blind eye to the time haha, hope you had a nice time with your close friend. so jealous of these beautiful people, just can't believe how unreal they are! gorgeous.

    ramz and the flock

  2. They all look lovely!

    X Zoe X

  3. those are some awesome bloggers + blogs, i'll check them out, so thank you for sharing :D

    ps: i'm starting a clothing line, maybe help me find a suitable name for it ^^?

  4. I actually love your blog, such inspirational images. x

  5. fabulous post I love all the outfits! That first blue sequin dress is to dieeeee for though



  6. Wow! These ladies have awesome style.

    Great blog!

  7. Thank you :))



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