blackberry jam

i've never really done this before but i actually like to cook a lot. i know i posted about food blogs a while ago, but i spend my fair share of time in the kitchen. i found the prettiest blackberries at the grocery the other day and i had to make something out of them!

1) get your berries together -- you can use this recipe with most any berry. 
2) to mush mine up, lately i've been using a nut chopper. it works really really well. you can use a fork in a bowl if you'd rather, or a food processor if you have one.

3) pour your berry mixture into a sauce pan, and depending on how much of the berry mixture you have, add anywhere from 1/4 cup to 1/2 cup of sugar. it doesn't really matter what kind, but i used organic crystals or something or other.

4) add a splash of lemon juice, and boil on medium heat for about 25 minutes. 
5) store and refrigerate for use in a few hours or the next day. 

i used mine the next day on waffles. it was really really good.



  1. Mmmm, delicious. I did the same thing 2 weeks ago. I love how blackberry season comes as different times, depending on where you live.

  2. so cute :D and so nice to produce fresh fruits, healthy! im very happy to see this here on your blog. and your lanvindressything is absolutely stunning on you :D

  3. Hey !
    That looks delicious :)
    I wish I could do that recipe but where I live, we don't have blackberrys ! Crazy right !?

  4. Great photos. Looks amazing!

  5. Oh man, I need this now! I am such a jam fan, you would not believe. Your comment really made my day.

  6. Mmm this looks yummy, especially on the waffles! I love blackberries, my fave berry, though I imagine homemade raspberry jam would be just as nice! ♥ Claire @ Jazzpad

  7. i did that once! only i put the berries in a plastic bag with some honey and sat on it to mash them up. your way sounds much more professional:)

  8. i would love some waffels right now :( and nice recipe :)

  9. I love you even more now.
    And now I really want waffles! Come make me some. <3

  10. I think I commented but I'm not sure if it went through.

    Basically, yum, I want waffles, blah blah.. Love you.


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