recent diys

it's a little funny to think this started as a craft/sewing blog. i had a bunch of features on cut out and keep so i made accoudrements.. 

thought i'd go back to its roots with a little diy-roundup of what i've made more recently.

bleached sleeve dress; lame-esque elastic skirt; pleated floral skirt w/exposed zipper; painted-stripe suedeish booties.

the denim dress and the shoes are thrifted (both from rumours, i think.) i loved the shoes ($5) but they seemed plain so i added a racing stripe on the exterior side of each one. tape & fabric paint.

that's all, folks!

p.s. it's so horribly miserable out. the midwest is all 'it's sooo hot!' but here in virginia we've got 100*+ temperatures. daily. no offense to any midwesterners. that's also why the silver skirt seems so goddamn shiny. it's not that shiny; it's like a matte gunmetal.


  1. I really like the lame (esque) skirt.. and the shoeees! reeeed love them!

    PvdH -designer and illustrator


  2. girl i LOVE your look. you are gorgeous.

  3. No problem:)! Wow, I love your shoes. I love red!

  4. HOLD IT RIGHT THERE. Who told you you could go off and just look amazing like that, and be creative like that. AND pull off a red lip like that, and then comment on my ability to wear rusty colours?
    (: mew. can you say stunning?
    thank you for your kind words, (: i hope your jam was delicious. i'm making artworks for two bloggers that inspire me, that will be featured on my page. and send to them. to you. cos you're one of 'm. so beware. (: k? loads of love, noet

  5. AMAZING DIY! Especially love the shoes!

    Just discovered your blog and liked your style, hence I'm following! :D


  6. Um ok, you WOULD just secretly be an absolutely incredible seamstress/DIYer. I had no idea you sewed! And not only sewed but were incredibly good at it! Seriously Kat I'm impressed, that floral skirt is so freaking cute. The racing stripe on the shoes is perfect and the thrifted denim dress is kind of amazing. Ah can I please just have it all??


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