daring to bare

i was really really inspired by Alyse's Girls Who Dare to Bare, and all the ladies who participated in it. i decided i was going to do it, but put my own spin on it.

Alyse's whole point was that our modern perception of beauty is so warped... as a person with numerous beauty-concerned disorders (body dysmorphic disorder, dermotillomania, anorexia nervosa, to name a few) it really touched me, and i decided, hey, what the hell. I sent all of this to Alyse, too. Maybe she'll feature me.


The video:

It's not an attractive video. I know. Get past the first minute and a half and it's bearable. But it's me in my entirety. It's how i look.

This took a lot of balls that i don't have to post, i hope you guys can respond in a good way... I'm not saying i don't want constructive criticism, just no heart-shattering attacks, please.

Oh, and my final thoughts on the video: i make the best faces while putting on my mascara. I roll my eyes back into my head, and i look like the scream. It's pretty hilarious.


candy striper

 pastels. pastels pastels pastels. i'm fairy enamored with pastels. i know they we strictly for spring and although summer is a time for the brights, i'm keeping pastels on my nails.

crummy snap, but from left to right: essie - lilacism, essie - ballet slippers, uo - orange 7, and sally hensen - mint sorbet. lipstick is revlon super lustrous in matte stormy pink, a perfect look-a-like for mac candy yum yum, but about $7 cheaper.

 i can't get over pastels. 





don't forget to enter the wonderful vintage princess giveaway i've got going on.


i don't speak german but i can if you like.

i've decided to bring back meet me mondays! woot. i mean they're pretty informal and silly but whatever, i like them. 


i don't know why it hasn't come up all the time around here but i'm kind of a mega lady gaga fan. and uber fan. a huge little monster. she's beautiful, talented, amazing in general. wow. she's probably my number one role model. not only is she a huge lgbt supporter, she also introduced alexander mcqueen into the public eye.  although i knew him before that (rest his genius, how lovely he was) it's wonderful to have him become a household name alongside her. she is truly a style icon as well as a musical talent rare among our generation. 

how i love her.

today, i eagerly awaited her newest album's release. born this way is a great lengthy album, her 3rd studio record. it's title track is already platinum, and judas has been selling well as well.

i suggest buying the album. it's amazing. my favorite tracks are government hooker, scheibe (pronounced shy-zah), americano, and bloody mary.

she's not just another pop singer. she's innovational, original, and classy despite what the tabloids depict.


go gaga.


the opiate of the masses

 marc jacobs BANG tee, american apparel chiffon maxi skirt, deena & ozzy sandals

i absolutely love this outfit. i only just got the skirt, shirt, and earrings yesterday at rumors. god love rumors. i know i do. i've literally had a maxi chiffon skirt on my to-do/to-buy list for a while, and finding this was splendid. not to mention for probably 75% off. then there's the shirt, which is not only marc jacobs, it is a guy's shirt. so it smells like a guy. so it smells really great. not to mention the hunky naked man on the front. and these are my favorite shoes in the world/that i own.

the little things:
l'oreal lipstick in mulberry, brandless earrings that i adore, (upside down) jesus bracelet (worn ironically. because i'm silly like that.)

enjoy, mes amis. and don't forget to enter the wonderful vintage princess giveaway i've got going on.



the vintage princess


i know i played this post up for friday, and promptly did NOT post it, but that was not intentional. blogger was being down and dodgy on thursday night when i was planning, and friday morning too, and then friday afternoon up until now, i've been quite busy. but here it is ladies and gentleman/men... {accoudrements}'s first giveaway!


i hand-picked these lovely trinkets from my local vintage and antique stores. this giveaway includes a beautiful tapestry-style floral purse, a golden locket, some antique pearls, a vintage travel clock (which i would fondly use as a pocket watch), a pink pumpkin carriage pin, and an antique wooden portrait of some darling little lady. all of these are fairly small i know, but they can all easily fit into the purse. 

this is an international giveaway, and there will be 1 winner. the rules are fairly standard, and as follows:
-one must be a follower of {accoudrements} to enter
- leave a comment with your email stating that you would like to enter on this post
-receive an extra entry for blogging about this giveaway
-leave a seperate comment for each entry

that's it! pretty simple! the giveaway is open until 6/1/11. enjoy!




give the people what they want! the poll i put up has been useful, thanks to all who voted! it's up for a  month so feel free to give your opinion... i always have thoughts and ideas on things to post but i procrastinate so much to the point that it'll be months until i get what i planned up. i.e. this outfit. been in my head/repertoire for ages, never posted. i guess i'm always reluctant to do posts containing me. i will never look at the camera for outfit photos. neverrrrr. i have billions of pictures of this same outfit with a bunch of different poses, but they all look the same -- head downish, eyes on the floor. oops. but whatever, i guess that's why i love spontaneous photos so much. 

the little things:

essie nail paint in ballet slippers; antique bronze cuff; handmade cassette tape brooch from the craft fair; vintage wooden necklace.

this outfit is a bunch of my favorite things in one... and i'm beginning to love the colour mustard so much. it's odd. and i have a current pastel obsession... otherwise, the only truly note-like thing i have to make about these things would be the polish -- ballet slippers is my ideal shade of pink. i just feel demure and lady-like wearing it. it's de-lovely.


on friday, there will be no follow friday post. there will be a very special special post. make sure you stop by, because if you don't... you'll be sad. 



l a t t e r s t y l e

so it's that time of week again. follow friday (which has been a little forgotten in the past..)!

today i give you meagan of l a t t e r s t y l e.

she has this great edgy style and those eyebrow prada eyeglasses that everyone craves. not only that but she often leaves me nice comments... i love that. i love bloggers who respond when you one comments. that may be a little hypocritical, but i promise i do read every one!

but back to meagan - she's just a bamf. she always has something interesting to say in her posts.. it's like everytime one pops up in blogger i just have  a little shiver of excitement.

..that sounds creepy.



happy birthday, darling mine.

today is may 5th. cinco de mayo. kate pollard's birthday. kate pollard is my best friend, and this post is for her. happy birthday, darling mine. i love you very much.


on a side note -- your eyes do not deceive you. mini bunting. GAH! i'm a little enamoured with bunting at the moment. thanks to that etsy cloth bunting handout, i made my own little birthday bunting. be prepared for me to whip it out, come birthdays. you're next.


don't be a drag, just be a queen.

i told you guys how i was going to alt prom, right?

well it was AWESOME. i'm an openly bisexual person* and i know who i am but i'm one of the lucky ones. a lot of people, not necessarily teens, are confused and don't have the best places to go about it. i for one think it's lovely to be able to go to one of these things and be able to hit on girls and have a fair chance of getting hit on back! woo-hoo.
alt prom was an lgbt prom headed by one of richmond's best lgbt organizations, rosmy. i went with a few of my favorite people and it was all in all a lovely evening. my pictures are shoddy iphone snaps though.

* i realize i might lose followers over disclosing this. and i want to state that i don't care. this is my blog, about me, and if you aren't okay with that i suggest you leave anyway.

 left; jenny. right; mackenzie.

left; weston. right; jack.

the gang that night consisted of me, weston dear, jenny dear, mackenzie dear, and jack dear. for their sake i won't rant about their sexualities  -- not your businesses!  i love them all deeply. we dined at 6, and headed on to the party fashionably late.

once there we met up with more beautiful friends, i.e. abbey dear.

try and tell me we're not super cute. 

little did i know that this night would make my life. did any of my wonderful readers know that i have a moderate obsession with drag queens? really. i do. in all honestly, one of my life goals is to have a complex like julie andrew's in victor/victoria. i want to be a woman pretending to be a man pretending to be a woman. so, when the drag queen professionals showed up... i was blissful.

we all got on quite well, and many people told me i looked like i belonged there. compliment? i think so. not to mention the gaga queen. i idolize lady gaga; i was in heaven.

don't be a drag, just be a queen. whether you're broke or evergreen. you're white, black, beige, chola descent, you're lebanese, you're orient. whether life's disabilities left you outcast, bullied, or teased, rejoice and love yourself today 'cause baby you were born this way. no matter gay straight or bi, lesbian, trangendered life, i'm on the right track, baby, i was born to survive.