happy birthday, darling mine.

today is may 5th. cinco de mayo. kate pollard's birthday. kate pollard is my best friend, and this post is for her. happy birthday, darling mine. i love you very much.


on a side note -- your eyes do not deceive you. mini bunting. GAH! i'm a little enamoured with bunting at the moment. thanks to that etsy cloth bunting handout, i made my own little birthday bunting. be prepared for me to whip it out, come birthdays. you're next.


  1. I may be the only person not to know this, but what is cinco de mayo?

  2. Cinco de mayo is a celebration of the underdog. Mexican citizens in Puebla won an "impossible" battle against the French. After French invaded through the Gulf of Mexico through Veracruz to Puebla, and their next stop was the capital.

  3. i get extreme joy from the fact that a person whose screen name is "Governerd" posted this <3


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