rumors and starry sidewalks

Here's the store post:
RUMORS! Rumors is my favorite place in the world. Okay, maybe not the world. I do love England, New York, Chicago, San Francisco, and Japan.
So, revision = Rumors is my favorite place in all of Virginia. It's a thrift store - technically. But as the owners describe it on their card: Thrift Boutique. Shmancy, right?
I now idolize the owners. I don't even know them. But quite honestly, i hate this town. It's not that bad, I guess, but at my age.. there's nothing i can do. College age -- sure! But not right now. Anyway, these two girls just... started it up!

"Two Girls. Big Dreams. Music. Clothes. Glitter. Gold. Sleeping on Couches. Paint covered hands. A community supporting us. We are taking on the world. We are taking over Richmond."

And that is their story, or so says their little tab on the website. It's basically the story of my life... but it hasn't happened yet. They give me hope.
Let's take a tour, shall we?

This, this is Rumors. (it's bigger than that. i just have a small camera)

Purses, stairs, and a few streetlights. No big deal.

Some cute sweaters on display with accessories - not included with purchase of sweaters (i asked).

Close up of some of the fabulous vintage/just plain dashing brooches. If you're curious about the 804 one, that's Richmond's main area code. Like reppin' for your hometown.

I felt like this would be something Zana Bane of Garbage Dress(another one of my idols) would wear if it were black. The leather and studs and patch-style of the dress seems very her.. Now i'm regretting not buying it! But, I am vegan. Silly me with my morals.


Some super-cheap super-charming shoes. I love Rumors; nothing is usually over $10.

I love the patterns on these skirts...

They sell guys' clothing, too!

Not to mention some impeccable and wild interior design. It's just so... urban! GAH! I love it. Can't get enough.
Nifty brushed bronze mirror that i want very badly.

The view from the back of the store.

I know this is a fuzzy picture, but OH MY GOD it's a deer hook. In my opinion that's the best thing ever.

The outfit i wore that day (in case you can't read the tiny little white print, sorry about that): Gap via Rumors vintage blue denim shirt (i love the stitching in the front -- even though it's a large and i'm and extra small!), $6; Rue 21 elastic belt, $3; Urban Outfitters patterned dress, $50; knee highs that i stole from my mother, $5; Xhiliration grey flats via Rumors; $6.

(Want to shop similar clothes? Shirt, belt, dress, socks, flats) Sorry some of those are expensive, i just know the outfit doesn't look to great and honestly a little shabby in the picture but i love this outfit... But oh well!

And this is the checkout. Adorned with jewelry. Drool.

Well, that's it for Rumors! If you're ever in Richmond you should stop buy - it's definitely one of my favorite places. It's on the college (VCU) campus so it's pretty smack-dab in the center of the city and is surrounded by lots of other neat stores.

I'll leave you today with a picture i took on the same day.. There's a tile in front of an art gallery with little stars of light on it. It made my day, and is one of my favourite pictures now.



  1. i wish i could go here so much, it looks amazing, we barely ever have anything of this scale over here!
    i hope you took full advantage!

    lots of love <3

  2. looks like an amazing place! love your out fit too...and your hair!

  3. Idol?? Are you kidding me right now?? Wow can I even get a better compliment than that! Seriously that made me feel so good. Kat you are my idol! You definitely don't give your blog enough credit.
    I officially want to go to Virginia now just so I can go to this thrift store. Talk about heaven on earth.
    And the flats with those knee highs? LOVE IT.


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