give the people what they want! the poll i put up has been useful, thanks to all who voted! it's up for a  month so feel free to give your opinion... i always have thoughts and ideas on things to post but i procrastinate so much to the point that it'll be months until i get what i planned up. i.e. this outfit. been in my head/repertoire for ages, never posted. i guess i'm always reluctant to do posts containing me. i will never look at the camera for outfit photos. neverrrrr. i have billions of pictures of this same outfit with a bunch of different poses, but they all look the same -- head downish, eyes on the floor. oops. but whatever, i guess that's why i love spontaneous photos so much. 

the little things:

essie nail paint in ballet slippers; antique bronze cuff; handmade cassette tape brooch from the craft fair; vintage wooden necklace.

this outfit is a bunch of my favorite things in one... and i'm beginning to love the colour mustard so much. it's odd. and i have a current pastel obsession... otherwise, the only truly note-like thing i have to make about these things would be the polish -- ballet slippers is my ideal shade of pink. i just feel demure and lady-like wearing it. it's de-lovely.


on friday, there will be no follow friday post. there will be a very special special post. make sure you stop by, because if you don't... you'll be sad. 



  1. Adore the necklace. These shots are lovely, love the blog look too xx

  2. Mustard is a funny colour isn't it? haha
    That's probably why it's so awesome :)
    I'd like to get a mustard coloured sweater



  3. Yayyy! I like you posts! And actually, I like that you don't look at the camera, too- looking at your pics remind me of looking through one of those cameras from the Victorian era where you'd put in a nickel, look into the view finder, and you'd see a pretty little scene. And the new design looks adorable! We have the same taste for sure.

    Ohhh yes- pastels! For a while, I'd been rebelling against my love for them because I was like, no, they're not "urban" enough. And so I'd insist with black and hot pink LoLoL But now, I just can't resist them. And the color mustard, too!! I've been buying everything in mustard! It's one of those colors that is just fun and soothing, and to look at, and it just reminds me of warmth or something.

    Speaking of hot pink, though- aren't azaleas so gorgeous? I love them. I'm just sorry they only last such a short time, though :( But thank you for all the nice things you always say- you're the best! xxx

  4. Lovely outfit post, the dress is gorgeous and a lovely colour.

  5. YOU'RE de-lovely, katie, and I adore you for it:)

  6. Great photos. Love the colors here. :-)

    I am having a buffalo tooth necklace giveaway, if you're interested.
    strawberry freckleface

  7. Great pictures, and love the colors :D
    Also a lovely dress ^-^


    ps: you can still join our Chanel giveaway

  8. You remind me of a dainty little fairy, did you know that? That's a good thing in case you're wondering. You should never feel hesitant to post up pictures of yourself Kat! Seriously I can't believe you ever would question them at all. You are gorgeous love and I'm not just saying that.
    I do the same thing, procrastinate post ideas until I no longer feel inspired to do them at all. We should both work on that yes? :)

  9. Hello dear,
    Long time no see! I am terribly sorry about my lack of blogging/ reading other blogs. I have simply been busy and forgetful! There are no excuses, but please do know that I am sorry! You're blog is lovely as ever, and as soon as school ends, I am sure that I will again find myself diving in for daily doses of Ms. Kat. As well as creating posts of my own!
    Hope you are doing well, darling. Love to catch up soon!

  10. I love your dress here, it's so romantic and perfect for summer!
    You can be a honourary Brit because you're so lovely!
    P.S. I think America is pretty cool too.

  11. Mustard and baby pink my favorite colors right now! Thanks for a great post Kat!


  12. so beautiful



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