i don't speak german but i can if you like.

i've decided to bring back meet me mondays! woot. i mean they're pretty informal and silly but whatever, i like them. 


i don't know why it hasn't come up all the time around here but i'm kind of a mega lady gaga fan. and uber fan. a huge little monster. she's beautiful, talented, amazing in general. wow. she's probably my number one role model. not only is she a huge lgbt supporter, she also introduced alexander mcqueen into the public eye.  although i knew him before that (rest his genius, how lovely he was) it's wonderful to have him become a household name alongside her. she is truly a style icon as well as a musical talent rare among our generation. 

how i love her.

today, i eagerly awaited her newest album's release. born this way is a great lengthy album, her 3rd studio record. it's title track is already platinum, and judas has been selling well as well.

i suggest buying the album. it's amazing. my favorite tracks are government hooker, scheibe (pronounced shy-zah), americano, and bloody mary.

she's not just another pop singer. she's innovational, original, and classy despite what the tabloids depict.


go gaga.


  1. I'm not the biggest gaga fan.. but that girl *can* sing. I applaud her for breaking the mold, for doing what she pleases and for being herself.

    That being said, Judas is so catchy and has been in my head all day. Oy.

    ps: Did you draw this? xo

  2. her voice is amazing, I love her people always say 'oh she's boring now shes over done it' but she is out there and unike any other.

  3. Okay honestly what can people have against her? If anything she is better than the people judging her, she is allowing herself to be who she really is and celebrating it! I love her to bits, that photo is pretty amazing!


  4. The best thing about gaga is, she got that charm of boldness that not everyone could strongly have...
    I love her songs and the fact that she's always stunning no matter what haters said!
    Cute hand-drawings there <3

  5. your blog is so lovely! also i have the same american apparel skirt as you (the one you wore in the last post). <3

  6. Goodness, I absolutely adore the illustration of her! (And the frame too!)


  7. love that drawing is beautiful


  8. love the title to this post. haha.



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