daring to bare

i was really really inspired by Alyse's Girls Who Dare to Bare, and all the ladies who participated in it. i decided i was going to do it, but put my own spin on it.

Alyse's whole point was that our modern perception of beauty is so warped... as a person with numerous beauty-concerned disorders (body dysmorphic disorder, dermotillomania, anorexia nervosa, to name a few) it really touched me, and i decided, hey, what the hell. I sent all of this to Alyse, too. Maybe she'll feature me.


The video:

It's not an attractive video. I know. Get past the first minute and a half and it's bearable. But it's me in my entirety. It's how i look.

This took a lot of balls that i don't have to post, i hope you guys can respond in a good way... I'm not saying i don't want constructive criticism, just no heart-shattering attacks, please.

Oh, and my final thoughts on the video: i make the best faces while putting on my mascara. I roll my eyes back into my head, and i look like the scream. It's pretty hilarious.


  1. Ella Ogburn KonefalMay 29, 2011 at 1:45 PM

    Katie, you look absolutely beautiful in your entirety.

  2. Katie, darling, you are absolutely beautiful. don't forget that. <3

  3. Kat my darling! You are so absolutely beautiful. I'm not just saying that, I mean that. You are so good at applying liquid eyeliner that it sickens me.

    I really do adore you.

  4. wow,


  5. Kat you truly look so pretty here, you have nothing be ashamed of! I agree that we should all have a better perception of beauty, I really hope you inspire more people to do this or at least be aware of it.
    ALSO how good are you at make up? I'm so jealous!
    Rachel X

  6. You are quite gorgeous and have nothing to be ashamed of. Your eyes are stunning! Great video darling!!

  7. this is such an inspirational post, couldnt agree more about people perception of beauty!



  8. Thank you so much for your amazing comment :) i watched this whole video and it was totally inspirational. i used to have pimples too.. it sucks. try using a make up brush so your hands dont spread the bacteria too much. just a tip that i found handy for myself :) anyways, I just finished my last assignment for the semester just then but I still have so much studying to do for exams ahh! Just wanted to sneak in a little comment to you though ^_^ x
    PS- If you have Facebook and a spare second, I would love if you voted for me in this huge blogging competition. It ends in one week! Just visit this page, click 'vote now' and heart all of my blog posts xx

  9. I am so inspired by this post that I just might try it myself! You look beautiful with and without make up, trust, you don't need it. Its hard when people get wrapped up in a "what I should look like" kind of world and its sad that our society today is so based around appearance. I think natural beauty and inner beauty shine through even the thickest mask - and you look just fine. So brave lady xx


  10. You. are . STUNNING! Also I like the song choice.

  11. What an incredible video- I rely so much on make-up its actually quite scary. Hate how beauty is perceived these days- its all so fake, here's to natural beauty like yours :)


  12. You look gorgeous and this was a really great thing for you to do <3

  13. You have my highest respect for disclosing this video. You are beautiful in your own way <3 from Prague

  14. Ok first of all I can't believe how naturally beautiful you are. You don't even need any makeup. But I do have to say that I love how you do your eyeliner. I wish I had the guts to try that.
    You DO kind of look like the scream when putting your makeup on. haha Kat I love you.


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