nope, that is not a stock image. it is one of the many candles keeping my room properly lit after sunset.

as you may or may not know, there was a bit of a hurricane ravaging the east coast on saturday. as fairly inland as i am, richmond was hit with an abundance of power outages and trees crashed into houses. luckily, my house is intact, although every house around it is damaged in someway. we're lucky.

i had been neglectful (read: lazy) in the last week or so over here, but now, without wi-fi or power, i have taken up temporary residence at the local barnes and noble for a few hours. i can't do very much without power, just finish my assignments. sooo if you were wondering where the hell i am, i'm in the dark.

i hope everyone else here is safe, and international readers, feel no pity. it wasn't very much more than a bad storm, but because of the drought this summer there were many a tree easily uprooted. hopefully tomorrow i'll have power and warm showers.

ta-ta until then.


  1. i'm so glad to hear you're safe!! i'll be praying for all of you over on the east coast. stay safe!<3

  2. I just saw it on TV, but this hurrican thing looked terrible! hope you were safe


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