god bless america/n apparel

blouse - american apparel; trousers - american apparel; shoes - dollhouse; bag - neiman marcus (gift)

sorry for the miserable expression. i was in a bad mood.  but you can see my new black hair real good. anyways.

a rarity: i'm wearing this today! because i took the photos yesterday, and this is a scheduled post. take that, time space continuum. 
this is also probably my most expensive outfit. i convinced my mother into shopping at american apparel and made it out with a blouse, two pairs of trousers (they're too lovely and tapered to be 'pants'), and a knit skirt. american apparel, no doubt, has the best trousers, as the pleats and tapering are beautiful, and they all fit so well. but at $75 a pop there is no way i could buy them for myself.

today i'm taking a trip into town to spend some time with lovely people get my learner's permit, get into shenanigans, and eat cuban food. not in that order.


100th post. wooh! 



  1. I love those photos, your hair looks gorgeous, the colours in the outfit work so well, hate to admit I'm a little bit jealous! :o
    I really do love those trousers though, may have to save up for a pair myself :)



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