well my day(s) in town were really fun! i love being in the city, no matter how hot it is (and it is very, very hot), and seeing weston - and his new 'boy toy' as he put it - is always fun.

there's this great railroad bridge over Richmond's James River. we got bored, and it's such a beautiful location, and weston had a new Pentax DSLR. so naturally, we held an impromptu photo shoot! all of these are straight out of the camera, too.

the man himself

3 separate trains came while we were on the bridge. it's so very exciting, you have to run to the nearest concrete alcove and hide. the trains always see you and then they blow the whistles. i love it; it's become one of our favorite hangout spots. whenever trains pass it makes it even better. they're so loud and it's so nice.

it was a horse, therefore i had to ride it.  each of the alcoves (out of maybe eight?) have amazing grafitti. another thing i love about richmond - we have the most amazing street art.

first ensemble: both american apparel, target shades, misc. jewelry
second ensemble: calvin klein dress, same shades, misc. jewelry
both pairs of shoes: dollhouse

i'm not the best model, but it's for fun anyways, right?



  1. This looks like an exceptional amount of fun. I think your body and face are incredibly photogenic. How tall are you? Have you ever considered modeling for real?

  2. You are gorgeous!
    I really love the colors of your outfit, and the top is adorable!

  3. Such a cool photoshoot!! You look amazing! Loving those sunglasses too.


  4. Amazing locations !
    I love your hair.

  5. you're so working the train tracks, haha! lovely snaps :) xx

  6. OMFG!!! Kat I am in love with your first outfit <3 It is so damn vintage!!!
    te ves muy linda!
    I want that spring and summer come back soon to try something similar. I have been with that outfit in my head for so long that in these days I only want to do it!

    Kisses dear :) I love your blog!

  7. Wow ! I especially love the photographs that are taken at the water !
    You have a lovely blog (:

    Will you please check out my blog sometime ! You can follow me if you like !

  8. On the contrary I think you make a great model, really working the pout there ;)
    And it does look like a lovely place to frolick, it reminds me of the scene in Stand By Me where the boys almost get run over by a train on the bridge...

    you have a really interesting blog, keep up the great work!

    annie | WEMAKEPLANS

  9. gorgeous shoot!

  10. You are ridiculously hot.
    And you are at railroad tracks.
    And you rode the horse.


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