lita love

hey gang, long time no see! sorry i've been m.i.a. post-hurricane, but the power's back, school's started, and i'm here to stay. just a short post for today..


i am simply mad about my new litas. i've been scrubbing floors and cleaning houses for a few weeks to make the money, and i ordered them last week. they came today, just a few hours ago. solestruck never fails to crack me up with their packaging - 'the acceptance and use of this package constitutes an agreement that the holder will observe the rules and regulations of sporting such amazing shoes as issued by the solestruck better shoe initiative.'

i love getting mail - especially presents like shoes. they may not be real presents, since i bought them, but they are certainly presents from solestruck. i also got some september issues of various magazines (vogue, elle, etc.) to flip through, and a lovely ivy wreath i won from hivenj. and hot pink bubblewrap. oh goody!



  1. I've been eying Litas myself. I think they look STUNNING on you.

    (Just a tad bit jealous).

  2. They look so good on you, not jealous at all, nope... D:
    I'm glad to hear you're safe and well after the hurricane, hope everyone around you is safe too :)


  3. You look great in them; I personally love it when flimsy, delicate clothing is worn with them; its a very striking combo!

    P.S Yep, Paddington, Sydney (a lot of people think i'm talking about london) is like that all year round (to my knowledge)

    annie | WEMAKEPLANS

  4. wow you're gorgeous, you look great with your litas!

  5. I'm not crazy about the Litas (just my personal opinion ^^), but the shorts are great and you're lovely.

    Cool blog, BTW

    See U !

  6. Those are truly gorgeous as well as your shorts! Hope you are well:)


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