scarf vest

What do you get with a $1 thrifted scarf and a great, easy tutorial from Kristen at Studs and Pearls? A new beautiful silk vest. I loved the flowers on this scarf and actually bought it for the purpose of making this vest. I saw the tutorial a while ago and it just was so simple! It's the kind of thing you kick yourself for not figuring out. 
All you do is get a large square scarf and cut two slits in it. With the diagram she provided, the two slits are the perfect length and give a great look from the front and the back. The scarf creates an automatic collar... it's pretty interesting. You can style it however you want, i just wore it with a black velvet dress and my trusty old belt.


My hair is black.


  1. this looks gorgeous! your uber talented! x


  2. Oh what a nice one! Finally I know what to do with scarfs which I don't wear as much ^^

  3. This looks great, I can't believe how simple it is so this is definitely something I can try. Your scarf is beautiful by the way, great pattern. xx

  4. Nice idea!


  5. Wow, wonderful colours!
    I love your blog btw <3 xxxxxx


  6. I love it Kat, I cannot believe you found that incredibly gorgeous scarf for 1$. Goodness once again you continue to amaze me!


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