meet me #3

i am obsessed with like birds. especially peacocks, my favourite animal, and sparrows. and fat doves.
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and i love how i can incorporate audrey hepburn into ANYTHING.

they can fly, swim, and walk. aren't they just the cat's pajamas? not literally of course, because the cat would eat them. yay for bad jokes.
as of late, i'm even more enamored with them. they're been appearing everywhere, from the fabulous pamela love creations all my favourite englanders have been chatting about nonstop, to katy perry singing that incessant song that is 'supposedly' about my favourite bird. but birds are a few of my favourite things.. especially kate wilson's birds. they (and she) make me giggle with joy. 

(all pictures above belong to kate)

come on, try and tell me how the bird in the YSL mohawk pump isn't the most adorably fashionable thing you have ever seen.
and i really really want a pamela love talon necklace. really badly. so damn expensive.. or one of the skull pendants! they have some look-a-likes on etsy, no cheaper though.

drool. i need a towel just to even look at these.

and.. lastly.. my latest sub-obsession...
the feather collective. yes, ladies and gentlemen, these are real bird wings. converted to brooches. and i am so very madly in love with them. what kind of twisted alleged vegan am i?!

i want them. i don't really care much for the feathers in test tubes, because, hell, i could do that. not very nice quality but you get the picture. but the wings are just so dainty and gorgeous.. it's like UN-tacky taxidermy. except no stuffing. or weird glass eyes. shudder.



  1. This is so wonderful. You sharing your little obsession with me. I love it. Xoxox.

  2. I love this so much! Those bird wings freak me out a little bit--I don't know if I could do it! I bet you'd pull them off with style, however.

  3. haha, that last picture of Kate's makes me laugh.
    I really like birds too. When I went to Australia they had wild parrots all over the place and I loved it! They are such lovely creatures.


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