birthday: revisited

i was caught off guard by the timer.

the tulle in this dress fulfills my wildest burlesque desires when i prance around in it. it's so fucking awesome.

 a few of my favorite things.

 a dainty ring.

 last week's gorgeous thing.

nude/lace dress - a gift from friends, via rumors, $28  (they left the price tag on. lovable retards.)
vintage beaded necklace - a gift, via my mother
distressed leatheresque jacket - thrifted, $5!
diamante studded ring - rue 21, $8

l'oreal lipstick in blazing sangria (714)
juju hearts (like swedish fish in heart form)
pier 1 peacock frame
thin silver ring
vintage beaded necklace

gorgeous thing:
bejeweled brooch from luxor vintage

Sorry for all the weird different tones in my pictures. I believe that 90% of a good photo is editing. i'm an odd child.
I would also like to not that in the process of this shoot, i lost the cap to my lipstick. Oops. And it is a true red; not magenta as in the first picture.


i over-exaggerated a week and a half ago. i was just quite mopey over my audition. but i did receive a call back and a dancing part. if you're familiar with Guys & Dolls, i am a Hot Box girl! woot.


On a completely separate note, i would like to apologize. I've been M.I.A. lately because of exams. They haven't been as bad as i thought there were going to be, and my hardest ones are over, but it's been a little stressful. I skipped all posts during the week this week, sorry, but i am going to try and resume them as of now.

(don't forget to enter the blog makeover giveaway; giveaway closes on Valentine's Day, sorry i never specified that before)


  1. CONGRATS on the audition.
    I love the tulle on your dress.

  2. Waaaa, that is the prettiest dress evz! Full skirted pieces always make me feel like spinning around and generally prancing around like a loon aha (: Congrats on the successful audition, and good luck with exam results! xx

  3. Congratulations on your part, and happy belated birthday! Your dress is so BEAUTIFUl, wherever did you find it?!

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment, you are too good to me. Heart back <3

  4. It's so good to see you happy again! Congratulations, and I love all of your photos. Xoxo.

  5. Aaaah that dress is AMAZING that tulle is to die for! Congratulations on the audition and hope you do good on your last exams!


  6. love the editing on this post x

  7. Congrats :)
    looking lovely.

  8. really enjoyed looking through your blog, love your style x

  9. That dress is GORGEOUS! You look lovely! :)
    And I'm so glad you're reading Lolita; I'd love to know your thoughts when you finish! <3

  10. Ahh I want a dress full of tule like that for my bday :) Congrats on the audition and hope your exams went well- I don't miss those days!


  11. CONGRATULATIONS on getting your part! I'm not sure if it was the one you were hoping for, but that's so exciting nonetheless well done sweets! :) jazzy ♥

  12. Congrats on the part! YAY!
    That dress is simply amazing.


  13. Congrats on getting the part, you'll make a great Hot Box girl ^_^
    I've just read your latest post and I agree with it, and found it hard to write something to you that sounded slightly different to what is already there.. so I have failed myself haha
    But you don't sound bitchy, just honest :)

    Jess xx

  14. Thank you !
    Your dress is absouletely wonderful !
    And congrats (:

  15. beautiful dress and stunning pictures!

    xxx London & Paris

    ps: would you like to join our giveaway, it's from Armani and Hugo Boss


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