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this week's three:
1) Rachel from Rara wears :

The dear is gorgeous. Needs a little more light and detail in your pics, but hey, what can you do? Not much. I understand what happens with a crappy camera. Her outfits are darling, and she is just so very gorgeous... i know i seem to say that about a lot of people, but you know, it's true. It sounds so very superficial but it's something i immediately notice about a person. 

2) Bee from vivatramp;. I swear this girl is simply the sweetest. Her blog is fantastic. A daily read of mine. I love all of her lists and just....... her. She's great.

3) Jessie from The Velvet Bow
I. love. her. blog.

If you haven't noticed, all my comments about my featured bloggers are beginning to run together.. I just think the same thing about all of them. "Wonderful!" or "Lovely!" or "So very great and just amazing!" or "CUTE SHOES!". Meh. So i'm either going to just stop making comments, or just feature one lovely lady per week w/ an interview. But considering my weird social awkwardness, i probably won't do the interviews.


i love this blog. i do. it's been so great to have a weird little outlet, all of  my own. it feels unique, and i know i'm hardly the first (probably one of the last) person to get a blog.

but it felt personal. and good. like i needed it.

but now, after telling maybe a few friends... they're all sharing my link. and there's just shit on here i don't necessarily want people to see. An it's just... i just want to say "I'm sorry, i didn't fucking invite you over here. I wouldn't tell you this in person, so go away." I wanted to be able to pick who, out of those i know in person, gets to know my innermost thoughts and most of all ISSUES. 

I am very open about it all. I know that i am. Especially considering I don't mind sharing with strangers. But i would just like to say that i prefer most all of you with your internet personas to those at school. I'm growing so tired of it. And i hate it.

This doesn't mean i'm leaving the blog. This is just a message to those who know who they are. 

Stop it. Stop doing things that make me want to punch you. Because i will.


You guys are really really great. I've gotten less feedback on my whinier posts, but that's explanatory. And i am still looking for that perfect thing for the 50 followers giveaway! Still trudging around shops, still looking.. I need to find the perfect thing. i HAVE to.
But to make up for it.... OUTFITS. Possibly. by that i mean almost definitely.

I've signed up for Kendi's 30 for 30 Winter Edition remixing. 

That means i HAVE to get my act together.

Tomorrow i go into cleaning and laundry. Big time.

don't forget blog makeover giveaway.


  1. I totally know how you feel with wanting to keep your blogging life and your "real" life separate. I feel the same way which is why I rarely post any of my feelings on my blog. I wish I could more but I just don't want them..broadcast to people I see everyday. You know? Anyways I'm sorry people are telling others about your blog. SO annoying.
    I love these features you do. You should feature yourself! haha because you have an incredible fashion sense and I'd love to see more of your lovely clothes and face. :)

  2. ooh these are such sweet bloggers. I haven't figured out my real life and my blog life yet, still learning ;)


  3. Your posts always make my day. I always love the blogs you reccomend, thank you!


  4. Aww, it put a massive smile on my face to see me on here! Even though I hate that photo :/ Hahahaa! I'm glad you like my blog. You've got a lovely one here (: I'll be sure to check the other girlies out.

  5. Awww, thank you so much for featuring me! You have no idea how amazing it feels for me to know that somebody reads what I write and I'm still getting my head around the fact that you like it. :)
    I really need to sort my camera issues out, it's supposed to be a good camera but I can't actually make it work. I need to buy lights or something!
    Thank you again lovely Xx

  6. I feel the exact same way in regards to people you know finding your blog--You post your innermost secrets on it, your fears, your hopes, and when people you see every day find it, you're so vulnerable, because your entire existence is poured out over your blog. Dramatic? Probably. ;)

  7. I love these posts! They are so sweet. And yes, blogs are very personal. It's like your own world, so it can be odd to have someone enter unexpectedly, but you should be proud of this blog! I think it's just divine. Xoxox.

  8. what a lovely blog! i just found yours today! you have some wonderful posts that are quite interesting and great ideas! really glad i found you today!



  9. loved bee's blog, thanks for the recc!

    it's always a good idea keep personal issues off the internet...you never know who's looking. and everything on the internet lasts forever.

  10. great post ! love that you have mentioned other bloggers, i will be looking at their blogs !
    i would love for you to check out my blog and tell me what you think

  11. I feel that way too, I don't like people I know reading my blog and learning things I'd rather not tell them. I haven't exactly shared much to worry about yet, but I plan on doing it. That's the beauty of the internet.
    Don't go!


  12. I know how you feel. At first my blog was a really private place for me...I could say whatever I wanted to strangers. But it didn't take long for some family and friends to find out that I blog and sure enough they were reading whatever I posted quite frequently...in result, I end up keeping things light and simple overall.

    Anyways, this is a lovely group of blogs...I always look forward to discovering new little gems like these. Thanks for posting:)

  13. i totally agree with you about wanting to keep real life and blog life separate. i didn't even tell my best friends when i first started. and now only my closest friends and a couple of family members know about my blog {well, that I know of!} and that's how i like it! :) good luck with the 30 for 30!

  14. i know what you mean, besides my bf (who doesnt read/check my blog lol) no one knows about it:)

  15. i like so wanna give you a hug right now, not only is this post the real deal but you brought it! and way to lay the cards out. i can understand your feelings of compartmentalizing portions of your life and just like in our homes, the door isn't always open to one and all. it's tough sometimes to expose yourself so openly and to have to look people you know in the eyes afterwards, well that's something else again. for me personally, i love anyone who comes on by for a visit but again i hear you and where this comes from. school scene is a whole other space entirely, i hope it works out and you feel safe again. i really like your blog a lot and am def gonna check out these lovely girlies too. xo ♥

  16. I feel the same way, dear! Not many of my friends know about my blog and I prefer to keep it that way. In fact, call it lame, but because my blog is mostly about fashion, I feel that people I knew from school or wherever would simply think that's all that I'm about, when that isn't true!
    Anyway, a hug from me.

    Also - the "quote" on my last post isn't a quote at all! I just wrote it to have something to base my treasures on, I like putting a story to my pictures when I can! xxx

  17. I love Rachel's clothes with animals on. I have a great floaty shrug from Primark with stags on and I love it x

  18. great reccomendations! will definitely check them out :)


  19. I just love Rachel's style! Great article <3

  20. Thanks, Kat, for checking out my blog earlier! I love love love my shirtdress too. Actually, I shouldn't write this on the internet, but I actually got the dress for free. They forgot to scan it through the register and I forgot to say anything. Best almost-purchase ever! xxx

  21. Hey, in reply to your comment on my blog - thank you for the suggestion for the bunting, but I know how to make bunting so I'm going to make lots myself :) that way I can have exactly what colours and patterns I want too :)

    Hope you're okay. I feel really weird when people talk to me in real life about my blog!


  22. Thank you so so much for including me here, I am very honored indeed.

    Hope you are having a wonderful week :)


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