reasons i stopped following your blog

As of late, i'm having trouble reading all of the blogs i am subscribed to. When i subscribe to a blog, it means i genuinely want to read what you are writing or posting. I'm going through and unsubscribing to a bunch of a blogs, to fix my little problem. In case you're curious why you did or didn't make the cut...

Reasons i stopped following your blog:

  • Your content just isn't interesting me anymore
  • You have completely sold out, and i mean that in the nicest way possible (giveaway from my sponsor this, giveaway from my sponsor that, sponsor sponsor sponsor)
  • Your genre of blogging isn't really appealing to me as much as it used to (i.e. crafting blogs)
  • Your content is okay, but with more than 5 posts a day, it's just kind of annoying at this point
  • I actually don't LOVE your content, but i was trying to help you get started because you're a bit of a friend of mine and i did you a nicety. 

This all sounds very very bitchy, i know. And i may just be stressed but i'm very sorry. I am just bombarded with feed from more than 350 blogs. 

As of late i have also stopped commenting on blogs as frequently.

Reasons i have not commented recently:

  • all of my comments run together with everyone elses (i.e. You look gorgeous!, Lovely blouse!) and i'm just not contributing much
  • i don't want to come off as insincere with a comment like those listed above. i honestly mean whatever i write.
  • i don't have anything to say.

That's all.

meet me's resume tomorrow, enter the blog makeover.



  1. I'm with Amber, this was refreshingly honest. I've just stumbled here and maybe I'll continue to read. I'll hold off on the follow button for now and save you to my favourites bar :)

  2. I'm going through the same thing. I have some blogs I just never click on when there are new posts. So it is entirely pointless.

  3. I did a blog clearout the other evening too, mainly because Blogger only lets you follow 300 blogs and I don't like to use more than one reader, but the points you've made apply to my decisions too. There are so many that I loved a year ago when I started out blogging, but have grown out of, or that haven't been updated for months, and I wanted to make room for new blogs that I'll actually read, including yours! xx

  4. Well, I'm not sure if you cut me out or not but I completely get it. It just gets a little too much and sometimes, as bloggers, all a bit boring.


  5. so well said ... love your style and love your blog! please follow me if you fancy it ... xxx

  6. I get where you are coming from. I'm subscribed to a lot of blogs and I look at everyone's posts every day- but I don't comment always, usually because I haven't much to say- and fawning over other people's work gets tiring now and again. I've felt bad lately because I haven't kept up with commenting lately. But as of right now reading everyone's blogs hasn't gotten difficult.

  7. SUch a sincere post! I really like it. I follow a lot of blogs, too, but I realised I'm interested in just about a half of them. Lately, I stopped following some blogs generally because I don't like the style of these bloggers anymore...
    and commenting is a big problem, too. I don't like writing (receiving either) comments like "cool <3", which have often some "follow my blog, please" sentence at the end.
    You're right, girl.

  8. I agree with this completely.
    Your comments have always been sincere and actually thought out, and I appreciate that. I always look forward to your comments, because it's clear that you actually read the post instead of "lovely! xoxo follow me please"

    xoxo, Maddie

  9. Thanks for the response! (And no, of course I don't care!)

    I'm glad I could make you feel good : ) And I'm happy you feel my comments are sincere as well.

    Yes, it is my photo! All of those photos are mine, actually. From a disposable camera I used throughout January. Those are my necklaces and typewriter on my windowsill!


  10. I couldn't agree more. I love to read loads of blogs and sometimes have to cut the number down so I have time to read them. And I don't always leave a comment every time I read, depending on the content.
    I also hate when I get comments like "nice blog follow me and I'll follow you" and that's the end you see of them.

  11. Right on, sister! Let the truth be told! I too fall into the trap of following countless blogs with the intention of reading them daily (or at least every other daily) but rarely get around to them 'cause it all just becomes too much! I have way too many listed on my sidebar that I haven't revisited in months! I may have to do some spring cleaning.

    Well, have a great week & I sure appreciate your visit to GirlWhimsy.


  12. kat, whether i made the cut or not you are mighty cool for writing this post. way to lay it on the line and get real. i appreciate your candor and honest portrayal of a bunch of feelings i'm sure we all have but keep on the hush-hush, i know i do.

    the peeps that come along and don't even really read what you spend devoted hours writing really irk me when a comment is made and it's obvious they are only there to get "seen" or be followed.

    why is it that when we state our cases with pure intention, we get called bitchy?! ugh, maybz it's a girl thing.

    pea ess: thank you for your comment on my kitteh love post, i was so happy to read it and it made me feel heard and related to. being that my bro & sis were a lot older than me i sorta felt like an only child too and totally get your feelings about your cat/sister. it didn't sound odd at all. ♥

  13. more bloggers should be honest like this

  14. straight to the point, i like it.

    to be honest, i hate generic "you look nice" comments, it's better to just not comment.

    but i actually have loved the comments you've left on my blog, and if i could, i'd totally photoshop my sunglasses onto your face they'd look rad with your red headscarf ;)

    love, emma xx

  15. Oh Kat, I TOTALLY know how you feel with this. When I first discovered blogs I went crazy! subscribing to so many different ones. But I quickly found that following that many blogs literally takes ALL YOUR TIME. So while I have no idea if you still follow my blog or not, I just wanted to let you know that I totally understand and I wouldn't be hurt in the slightest.
    (Just as long as you don't mind me coming back and commenting on yours of course. :)


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