a week in photos

i don't usually do this kind of thing, but to hell with it. i know i've been a little neglectful over here, it's just exams next week and a lack of sleep and over-all moody me. i don't want to inflict my fury upon the innocent reader (you).

so, to kind of catch you up, here is my week in photos.

Shown here:
1) Not-so-required reading (Nylon, Vogue, Rolling Stone Gaga Edition, Shoes Shoes Shoes by Andy Warhol, Fifty Bags that Changed the World by the Design Museum)
2) The best Shining-themed laptop case in the entire world that just barely fits my monster of a laptop
3) 3 new gaga posters ♥
4) A portrait of my week: Late, frazzled, and lazy.
5) A kick-ass Twiggy sticker on a streetlight
6) A view of one of my favorite parts of the city from the riverside.
7) Fantastic local art on display at one  of my favorite shops.. I was very tempted to touch the last one.

What's not shown here:

How yesterday was the worst day of my life. Halfway through the day i had one of my inexplicable and unexplainable breakdowns. So that sucked, and i went through with some self-prescribed retail therapy. Which was nice, until as i was walking to work at the Firehouse Theatre, a hobo decided it would be so fucking hilarious to smear chili on me. So i ran to work from there, and washed my shit in the sink, and smelled like chili. Left my clothes to dry in the bathroom, and changed into a dress i had bought. Then i  went on to create a little song that i sang for my friend at work, Georgina, that went a little something like this: "Next time I see a hobo imma shoot him in the head on the ground." With a very nice little tune and everything. And then i had to wash and wipe myself numerous times, being a paranoid obsessive compulsive neat freak, rub perfume and stress-relief lotion all over myself, smoke a cigarette, and administer about 8 ibuprofen. Yesterday sucked.



  1. Lovely photos, dear. I hope that today went better than yesterday. Bad days just mean that even better ones are coming, yes? Thought so. :)


  2. I absolutely adore the Rolling Stone cover!


  3. Love, love, love everything here! That sheer shirt is perfection. :)

  4. Ooh, such inspirational photos, my week sucked too if it makes you feel better

  5. gorg photos, kat! absolutely adore that twiggy sticker.

    the giveaway stuff came, yay! it's so so awesome, thankyou so much.


  6. Portrait of you? absolutely adorable.
    I'm sorry yesterday was hard. Actually we were in the same situation apparently because yesterday I too had a breakdown. I also cured it with a bit of retail therapy so there ya go. And what the hobo, what was his problem? I like your song though. I find it very appropriate for the situation you were in.

  7. yikes! i'll be watching out for hobos in the future haha.
    hope the rest of your week was better (it seemed so..)
    i love your blog, following :)

  8. Urgh why on earth would he do something that vile!? Bleurgh! Least you had a pretty dress to change into :) x


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