sickly sweet

this is me admitting into the aztec trend. super huge bubble-gum pink striped high waisted shorts (no doubt from the 80's),  a black aztec tank, a boy's aztec printed leather belt, and my favorite sandals. 

tank top - walmart; belt - thrifted; shorts - thrifted; sandals - deena & ozzy via rumors (thrifted); lipstick shown is revlon's matte stormy pink - a look-a-like to mac's candy yum yum.


i know my blog's layout/header/fonts/etc. have been fluctuating wildly, but i think i have some watercolors i've made and a version of the header i'm going to enact.. sorry for any confusion/stupidity that's my fault haha!


  1. you look so pretty and magical! i love the composition of these photos! =)


  2. Hello! I made my way over here from Alyse's blog. I like it.

    Where's your tank top from? I love anything aztecy. And I like the 80's, too, so I lurve me them shorts.

  3. love the styling of the shorts!!

  4. I love changing the blog layout.. I'm notorious for it so have fun with it! But I do like the one you have now! :) Also, very nice pictures and I'm loving the belt! x


  5. Hey Kat!!! Woohoo for aztec!! This outfit is awesomeness at its highest because it includes something tribal. (You know my obsession with anything Navajo-inspired, or anything tribal for that matter). And the setting is completely perfect to showcase the outfit. I recently bought this really flowy aztec-print maxi at wet seal that i am dying to wear. i kinda wanna wear it with something with lace.. lace+tribal=perfection LOL And, you have the perfect figure for the high-waisted ruched shorts- they really look amazing on you!

    Rock on with the blog changes- just go for it and take the plunge!! Mine was "fluctuating wildly" (that made me LoL- i'm gonna borrow that one) for a while, too, until I finally found this particular layout that I now like. It's like you feel it's never right and there is just something about it that annoys you (or at least these are the buzzing thoughts that flutter in my brain and make me go all obsessive about details that probably on one else notices haha). Can't wait to see the design you have up your sleeve! xxx

  6. WOAH, those paperbag shorts make your legs look a million miles long. rock on.

  7. great thrifted finds!!! so lucky!

  8. you have such a fantastically unique look! love your blog!

  9. your outfits are all so lovely! following you now :)


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