it's an honor

today, i've been featured twice: in Missfits magazine (one i've touted the greatness of before) and by the effervescent and famous Alyse. I just hope they know how honored i feel.

Alyse featured my Daring to Bare video - which whenever i look at i feel silly - and Missfits took a few outfits of mine (see: Rosie the Riveter; O Captain my Captain) for their reader style submissions as well as a few paragraphs i wrote a while ago about what my personal style and style in general means to me.

If you haven't read this or any other issue of Missfits, i strongly recommend it. Missfits is a feminist magazine with loads of reader submitted art, poems, articles, and this month, a feature and interview with the lovely Kate Nash. 

If you have never read (either of) Alyse's blog(s) i also strongly recommend it. Alyse is beautiful, talented with a makeup brush and just as talented with a keyboard and a pencil. She has a fairly new weekly feature of 'Makeover Sunday' in which she shows a before and after picture of herself with and without makeup, and then many other bloggers daring to do the same. 

Again, I couldn't be more honored by these small acts of kindness, and i feel so lucky to be shown alongside people like Alyse herself, Kate Nash, Gemma Correll, Sian, Fern, Gem, etc.

This blogger feels pretty snappy.



  1. Eee! Famous? Definitely not but thanks for tickling my ego :]

  2. that's so cool! will deffo be checking the mag out-looks awesome :)

  3. So glad we could have you in our third issue! Love, love, love the outfits you submitted. Remember to continue to submit in the future. Hope all is well, my dear. I love the new heading for your blog as well. Xoxoxo.

  4. Look at you miss magazine star! I love Missfits and even more so now that they've featured you.
    Now I really want to go watch Mulan.


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